Barlean’s Organic Oils Introduces Omega-Man

Ferndale, WA- Barlean’s Organic Oils, makers of the #1 best selling supplement in the EFA category, introduces OMEGA MAN - designed for men of all ages aspiring peak physical fitness, vitality, longevity, cellular and sexual health.

OMEGA MAN helps bridge the dietary gap by providing therapeutic amounts of essential omega fatty acids and plant phytochemicals that are deficient in today’s diet. The unique and proprietary formula combines the world’s purest and freshest flaxseed oil, rare styrian pumpkin seed oil, lignans, phospholipid and phytosterol complexes. For the first time ever, these vital ingredients are now available as one single source.

All fats are not created equal. Most men over consume the wrong fats - (processed foods and animal products) and under consume the right fats - like essential omega-3. Supplementation with OMEGA MAN provides essential fatty acids and vital phyto-nutrients important in the pursuit of optimal health. Available in 12-oz bottle- ($23.80 MSRP) and 120-ct. capsules- ($24.99)


Barlean’s Organic Oils, LLC manufactures and distributes high quality organic flax seed oils and green food concentrates in both liquid bottles and capsules throughout the US and around the world. Ranked #1 best selling supplement in the EFA category and #2 in all supplement categories. WWW.BARLEANS.COM

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