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Baywood Launches Calcium & Magnesium Supplement in Korea

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Mar 16, 2006 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Baywood International Inc. (OTBB: BYWD) ("Baywood" or the "company") announced that it has launched Calcium & Magnesium FIZZ(TM) in Korea through Do Sung Co. ("Do Sung"). Do Sung is marketing Baywood's Calcium & Magnesium FIZZ in Korea through leading organizations, such as the Aged People Association of Korea, with 7 million members, and the Business Promotion Association for Small Business People of Korea, with 800,000 members.

Calcium & Magnesium FIZZ is the Korean brand for Baywood's Cal-Mag FIZZ(TM), which is sold in the United States, Canada and Europe. Calcium & Magnesium FIZZ is an effervescent powdered supplement that is delivered in a highly absorbable form to allow for the maximum absorption of calcium and magnesium to strengthen bones and teeth. Do Sung has introduced the tropical fruit flavor, and like Cal-Mag FIZZ(TM), the product dissolves completely in water or juice with no mixing, making it a convenient way to get beneficial bone-health nutrients. The product is packaged in a 492-gram canister containing a 30-day supply.

More than 19 percent of women and about 8 percent of men over the age of 40 in Korea suffer from osteoporosis, according to a report by Seoul National University's department of preventive medicine. The report showed that 19.4 percent of women and 8.2 percent of men were found to have osteoporosis.(a) While certain people are more likely to develop osteoporosis than others, building and maintaining strong bones can be the best defense against developing the disease later in life. Early in the course of osteoporosis, there are typically no symptoms; this is why it is called the "silent" disease. Later, it may cause dull pain in the bones or muscles, particularly in the lower back or in the neck and, as the disease progresses, sharp pains may come on suddenly. It may be made worse by activity that puts weight on the area, causing tenderness. People with osteoporosis may not even recall a fall or other trauma that might cause a broken bone, such as in the spine. Spinal compression fractures may result in loss of height with a stooped posture (called a dowager's hump). Fractures at other sites, commonly the hip or bones of the wrist, usually result from a fall.

Kim Soo Young, president of Do Sung, stated, "I am very excited to work with Baywood and market the Calcium & Magnesium FIZZ in Korea. We believe that there is great market potential for this kind of product in Korea, and we are excited to have received our first 5,000-can promotional order last week," Young stated further.

About Do Sung
Do Sung was founded in 1998 with a diverse portfolio of business ventures and holdings, including global trade, bio-energy development, environmental concerns and distribution of dietary food supplements, such as Baywood's Calcium & Magnesium FIZZ in Korea.

About Baywood
Baywood International Inc. is a nutraceutical company specializing in the development, marketing and distribution of its own proprietary brands under the names Baywood PURECHOICE(R), Baywood SOLUTIONS(R) and Complete La Femme(R). The company's products are distributed through independent and chain health food stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, and other direct-to-consumer channels, both internationally and domestically. For more information, call 888-350-0799, or for more information visit

(a) Source: The Korea Times

This press release may contain forward-looking statements, made in reliance upon Section 21D of the Exchange Act of 1934, which involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties or other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the results, performance or expectations implied by these forward-looking statements. The company's expectations, among other things, are dependent upon general economic conditions, continued demand for its products, the availability of raw materials, retention of its key management and operating personnel, as well as other uncontrollable or unknown factors which are more fully disclosed in the company's Form 10-KSBs and 10-QSBs on file with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

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