Bio2com, Mintel Release Report on Children's Nutrition

Bio2com have now in collaboration with their partner Mintel released a new nutrition industry analysis. This time the company has been investigating nutritional issues of the consumer group of the Millennium generation – the school children.

The products for this segment released into the market within the last year are fewer than the analysts were expecting. They have observed a high activity in the Bakery industry, which create many specific products for children; whereas the overall share of innovations the last year is a meagre 10 percent for children in the age five to twelve years.

“We are surprised to find that not more marketers are focusing on this segment, where both health and nutrition fundament is built and where brand loyalty is built”, says Karin E Nielsen, CEO of Bio2com. The largest surprise was the low activity in North America, being on a fourth level after Europe, Asia Pacific and South America in product launch activity. The explanation is that many of the large companies as Kellogg, General Mills, Nestle and Kraft may be busy on reformulating and re-launching current products by taking fat and sugar out, and putting fibres and grains in.

North America have a demand, in relation to all concerns of childhood obesity, and of so high concern that a new bill ‘The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act’ just has been established as one of the results of Mrs. Obama’s campaign for healthier foods to all US children. However, also the European market is in demand of more healthy kid’s products, and surprisingly the private label supermarket channels are quite active here. Companies as Wal-Mart, Tesco, Safeway, Aldi and Coop are among the top twenty scorer on new products. But 80% of new products for kids are launched by the regional and national players.

From the nutritional point of view there are many basic changes to consider, however, there are also many opportunities revealed in the report, as there are still ways for caloric and sugar contents modifications, and for example declaring calcium in cheeses for children. Many other areas could be positive ways for getting the parents attention, as the use of pre- and probiotics have opportunities beyond the traditional applications.

Further Information: Karin E Nielsen, Bio2com ApS Sct. Clemens Torv 15, 3mf DK-8000 Aarhus, Denmark Tel. + 45 75 76 33 38 Mob.+ 45 5022 4564 Mail: [email protected] or Web: Advisors in health ingredients, business and market intelligence in supplements, health food and beverages.

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