BioActor attracts investment for bone health ingredient

BioActor attracts investment for bone health ingredient

BioActor develops proprietary health ingredients for use in functional foods, medical nutrition and dietary supplements. All these ingredients address chronic health concerns, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, that would benefit from preventative measures through the diet.

 announced that ICOS Capital, Nedermaas Ventures and Limburg Ventures invested 2M Euro in a Series A financing round in which also the CEO & founder of the company participated. The money will be used (i) to launch its first product BONOLIVE, a unique and innovative bone health ingredient and (ii) to finance clinical validation studies for other products in the pipeline.

BioActor develops proprietary health ingredients for use in functional foods, medical nutrition and dietary supplements.  BioActor’s product development strategy relies on three simple tenets: a new health ingredient must be based on a patentable scientific discovery; it must be food grade from a natural and renewable source; and its health effect must be clinically proven. BioActor’s first product, BONOLIVE, a first in class bone health ingredient that is clinically proven to stimulate bone producing cells, is a great example of this strategy and will be launched in the USA this year.

BioActor successfully implemented its product development strategy by establishing alliances with top nutrition research institutes (e.g. INRA, CSIC, Maastricht University, UCL, Ghent University) and by establishing production partnerships with industrial players to shorten the path to market.

Hans van der Saag, CEO & founder explains, “We are delighted with the new investor base. It will enable the company to accelerate its activities and execute its go-to-market strategy. Moreover, our new operations center on the Maastricht Health Campus will allow us to further intensify our collaboration with Maastricht University (NUTRIM) and the Maastricht University Medical Center.”

Peter van Gelderen, Partner at ICOS Capital adds, “We identified this company early on and particularly liked its collaborative business model, creating networks with all players in the value chain. We are happy to have initiated a strong consortium of investors with complementary expertise and networks to support BioActor's growth strategy”.

Marcel Kloosterman, investment manager of Limburg Ventures, is impressed by the effective inroads made by Bioactor with applications for health claims at regulatory authorities for its portfolio of products, and expects that the CEO will be able to make a first announcement on this topic very soon.

Jeffrey Lutje Spelberg, investment manager of Nedermaas Ventures, sees BioActor as a perfect match with the world-class nutrition science base at the Maastricht Health Campus. He adds, “BioActor fills the application gap between scientific discoveries and the need for real products”.

Hans van der Saag, CEO concludes that the additional cash will help the company to realize its mission of selling ‘Ingredients for Life’ that meet the needs of the nutrition industry and the public at large.

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