BSP 201 Ready for the US Market

Dietary Supplements Containing BSP 201 From BSP Pharma, Can Now Be Sold in the US since New Dietary Notification on This Natural Active Ingredient Submitted

AARHUS, Denmark, Feb. 26 -- BSP Pharma announced today that it has submitted the new dietary notification of dietary supplements containing BSP 201 for sale in the United States.

"Being able to launch and sell BSP 201 in the US market is a significant milestone for this product. We are now looking for one or more leading producers of dietary supplements to team up with for a strong market launch.

Tonny Jorgensen believes that the right partners for the launch will be found this year introducing products to the public shortly there after.

"BSP 201 has very strong positive attributes for the end user, as its effect on joint and muscle soreness is faster and stronger than other products. Moreover it is well tolerated and extremely gentle to the body," says Tonny Jorgensen.

"The timing for this approval could not have been better. In March BSP Pharma will be participating on the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA.

The exhibition is a major event for the North American natural health business, so we are looking forward to some very busy days there," continues Christian Buur, Director of Aarhus United Health Care, the co-owner of BSP Pharma.

In 2004 the global market for products targeted at joint care and arthritis is expected to reach $ 17.7 billion.

Convincing Clinical Evidence
A very thorough pharmacological investigation into the strong anti- inflammatory effects of BSP 201 encouraged BSP Pharma to seek clinical evidence of the systemic effects of BSP 201. Hence, last year BSP Pharma conducted a clinical study on BSP 201 in order to evaluate the pain relieving effects of BSP 201 in humans as well as the safety and tolerability. The study was based on a Post Exercise Muscle Soreness model, wherein experimentally induced muscle soreness was introduced to the subjects using an eccentric exercise of the First Dorsal Interosseous hand muscle. The cytokines released by the resulting muscle strain e.g. TNF-alpha and IL-6 also play a key role in arthritis and a number of other systemic inflammatory conditions. The daily intake of BSP 201 resulted in a fast, statistically significant and clinically relevant reduction of the soreness experienced by the subjects.

About BSP Pharma A/S
BSP Pharma A/S is an international, R&D driven company, dedicated to develop groundbreaking products to combat ailments such as arthritis, psoriasis, eczema and herpes simplex. The major stakeholder Aarhus United is one of the world-leading supplier of specialty fats for the food and cosmetics industries and the world-leading supplier of products based on sheanut oil.

The minor stakeholder Astion A/S is a Danish bio-pharmaceutical research and development company focusing on the development and production of pharmacological active compounds derived from plants.

BSP Pharma will be exhibiting on stand # 400 at SupplyExpo, Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim CA.

For further information, please contact CEO Tonny Jorgensen, [email protected] or visit and

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