Bullish Brands Buys Carb Boom!

Effective May 7, 2010, Bullish Brands Inc. has purchased all of the assets relating to the Carb Boom! brand (www.carbboom.com).

“We are excited to announce that Carb Boom! is under new ownership and management”, stated Sean Zaboroski, Chairman of Bullish Brands Inc. “Carb Boom! is regarded as the market leader in sports nutrition products and with the integration of effective strategic direction and sound management, the sky is the limit.”

“We hand picked Jason Gay for President as he possesses the unique blend of understanding athletes’ needs, dedication to customer service and creativity. Jason was formerly a regional manager for an international sports nutrition retailer, and we could not have found a better choice to lead this brand. He is a very talented leader that will take the Carb Boom! brand to new heights. We are confident that he will create a corporate culture that will earn the best reputation in the marketplace”, continued Mr. Zaboroski.

In the coming months, Carb Boom! is planning sponsorship events, trade show appearances and various other initiatives to advise the marketplace that the brand is stronger than ever.

“As we work to provide optimum service and delivery to our customers and end users, we will be reviewing each one of their preferences and needs. We will then open up the dialogue with them individually so we can discuss our relationship and future partnership. We want to communicate that new ownership and management means integrity and dedication to quality,” advised Jason.

In connection with new ownership and management, Jason has announced that he has selected Nutritional Impact Corp. to be the exclusive supplier of all Carb Boom! products.

“I am very enthusiastic about the prospects of having the quality and innovativeness of Nutritional Impact Corp. (NIC) at our disposal. NIC provides us with a considerable advantage over our competitors”, concluded Jason.

About Carb Boom!
Carb Boom! produces and markets leading sports nutritional products that provide athletes with endurance enhancement and, therefore, a competitive advantage. Carb Boom! products are sold through sports retailers and nutritional and health stores, as well as over the internet at www.carbboom.com.

For additional information, please refer to www.carbboom.com or contact:

Jason Gay, President
[email protected]
PH: 1-888-990-2666
PH: 1-888-990-BOOM

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