Calcium and Phosphorus Co-dependent in Bone Development

In a study published in the May issue of Bone (, the official journal of the International Bone and Mineral Society, Dr. Ralph Shapiro of Product Safety Labs (Dayton, NJ) and Dr. Robert P. Heaney of Creighton University Medical Center (Omaha, NE), demonstrated both the co-dependence of calcium and phosphorus in bone development and the importance of providing both minerals to support soft tissue and bone growth. The purpose of the study was to quantify the effect of variation in calcium intake, with and without supplemental phosphorus, on growth and bone development in growing animals under conditions of varying calcium and phosphorus deficiency. As expected, at equivalent levels of calcium supplementation, the two phosphorus-containing salts promoted significantly greater improvement in all the bone variables measured, as well as greater body weight gain and diet and calcium utilization, compared to animals supplemented with calcium only. Histomorphometric analysis confirmed the results of the mineral analysis and showed the structural impact of the inadequate mineral intake.

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