Carlson Unveils New Marketing Push: 40th Anniversary Repositioning For Pioneering Natural Source Brand

Arlington Heights, IL — May 2005 — J.R. Carlson Laboratories begins a new marketing program this month, a repositioning based on its 40th Anniversary Celebration. “We see important results in Carlson Fish Oil sales,” notes company President John Carlson. “But on reaching this milestone of years in business, we wanted to look at our full line and review the overall brand message. The 40th Anniversary gave us a great chance to do it with full attention to everything we’ve done in the past and to the results we expect in the future.”

While doing a brisk trade in fish oils from Norway, the company has also remained on top in its primary Antioxidant Formula, ACES. “Carlson fish oils were voted #1 best-selling fish oils in the Natural Choice Awards in 2005 (Whole Foods Magazine),” said Mr. Carlson, “And, Carlson ACES Antioxidants continues to be a Vity Awards 1st Place Gold winner for 10+ years in a row (Vitamin Retailer Magazine). Yet, these are the tip of our core product categories, which have always possessed a strong heart nutrient emphasis. In fact, in our market analysis we were pleased to note our position in the top five heart categories: Fish Oils, Antioxidants, Heart Support, Vitamin E and Multiple Formulas. Our natural positioning is deeply focused on providing a multi-category line of natural source heart supplements. So you might say that in celebration of forty years in business, we have decided to introduce an entirely new marketing campaign.”

Details are forthcoming, “over the next six weeks,” notes Carilyn Anderson, “We’re looking to do new things that will please our retail customer base. To generate excitement, we will unveil our new program on July 16th at the NNFA Convention in Las Vegas. There is so much happening today in the natural foods channel. We’re offering new product initiatives and a new campaign, both of which are totally aligned with our philosophy of strong, effective formulas of natural-source ingredients based on scientific research.”

J.R. Carlson Laboratories is the natural-source pioneer in multi-category heart support supplements including Fish Oils, Antioxidants, Cardio Support, Vitamin E, Multivitamins and other Health and Wellness Formulas. The pioneering natural-source brand, founded in 1965 by John and Susan Carlson with a single Vitamin E formula, today offers the largest line of Natural Vitamin E products in the world.

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Carilyn Anderson
J.R. Carlson Laboratories, Inc.
15 W. College, Arlington Heights, IL 60004-1985
Tel. 847-255-1600 Fax: 847-255-1605
Email: [email protected]

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