China Health Holding Launches Taoist Medicinal Product Lines

BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 24, 2005--China Health Holding (NASD OTCBB: CHHH), a developer, marketer and manufacturer of Traditional Chinese Medicine-based enhanced natural medicinal herbal supplement products, announced today the launch of its second product line Taoist Medicinal, a proprietary innovative product line enhanced by a total of 118 natural herbal medicinal products.

Inspired by thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine and the ancient Chinese Medicinal Philosophy and principle and medical science of Taoism , China Health Holding's product line is enhanced via a unique innovative proprietary formula to reinforce the body's vital energy needs. The formula, called "QII", balances the body's "YIN" and "YAN" energy and " TAO" energy movement, strengthens the immune system and reinforces cardio-vascular systems and liver, kidney and spleen functions. The product line is targeted to improve many physiological health conditions.

The Company's new product line offers proprietary innovative enhanced natural herbal remedies and is protected by China Health Holdings' unique trade secrets. Considered a dietary supplement, China Health Holding's product lines are not required to receive FDA clearance prior to being sold. All China Health Holding's product lines are currently manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Standards and standards of appropriate regulatory bodies.

"We are delighted to launch this second exciting, powerful product line," said Julianna Lu, President and CEO of China Health Holding. "We have high hopes for the success of this innovative taoist medicinal product line in North America and internationally, just like many other chinese natural herbal medicinal products have been successful in the People's Republic of China. We will shortly begin an ambitious global marketing and branding campaign to sell this innovative product line and rapidly penetrate the global multi-billion dollar natural health market".

The Taoist Medicinal Product Line will be available worldwide for purchase or distribution via the Company's global e-commerce infrastructure online store at in approximately three to six months. The product line will also be available through the Company's owned global retail infrastructure/locations and the its franchised global locations in approximately six to eighteen months.

China Health Holding's first ten Taoist Medicinal Products (total of 118 natural herbal products) include:

VG - NRP: Designed to improve the deficiency of liver and kidney, improve and prevent the early graying of hair;

VG - MP: Designed to improve and enhance the Body Energy "QI" and blood circulation system, preventing miscarriage and enhancing the female's regeneration system and functions and improving the body's unique energy and endurance level;

VG - EPP: Designed to relieve acute alcoholism and reduce restlessness and reinforce the overall body energy and health level;

VG - PFI: Designed to improve the body's kidney and liver dysfunctions and enhance body regeneration functions and kidney functions;

VG - NW: Especially designed for males. Enhances and replenishes and nourishes bone marrow and promotes blood and QI energy flow of the kidney and liver. Substantial improvement for kidney dysfunction, impotence and early graying of hair and reinforces the male regeneration functions;

VG - FKB: Designed for moistening the intestines to relieve constipation. Improves the digestive and circulation systems;

VG - LYZR: Improves and enriches the circulation system, and tranquilizes the mind, tonifying and enhancing the kidney functions and arresting spontaneous emission;

VG - ZMGQ: Designed to improve and invigorate the liver and kidney and help prevent premature graying of hair;

VG - HTZM: Designed to invigorate the liver, tonifying the liver and kidney, improving eyesight and moistening the intestines to improve the body's digestive system;

VG - LZFL: Formulated especially to strengthen the spleen and relieve mental stress.

About China Health Holding, Inc.

China Health Holding, Inc., incorporated in 2002, is a developer and marketer and manufacturer of Innovative Enhanced Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbal supplement product lines. The Company's product lines also include dietary food supplements that are helpful in strengthening the immune system and cardio-cerebral vascular function as well as promoting overall physical and mental health.

The Company plans to introduce a line of 100% natural skin care and cosmetic products as well as to develop new pharmaceutical products based on its unique knowledge of traditional Chinese medical practice. Please visit China Health Holding, Inc.'s website for Company Profile details.

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