Clinical Study on Carbohydrate Control, Weight Loss Published in Scientific Journal

KEARNY, NJ, MARCH 22, 2004—Phase 2™ starch neutralizer may be an effective adjunct in the treatment of obesity and elevated triglyceride levels according to a clinical study recently published in Alternative Medicine Review, a peer-reviewed medical journal. The study is titled “Blocking Carbohydrate Absorption and Weight Loss: A Clinical Trial Using Phase 2™ Brand Proprietary Fractioned White Bean Extract”.

Phase 2, a concentrated extract of the white bean, is an ingredient used in a variety of weight loss supplements sold in food, drug and mass market stores worldwide. In the eight-week study, subjects taking Phase 2 lost an average of 3.79 lbs compared with the placebo group, which lost an average of 1.65 lbs. Triglyceride levels in the Phase 2 group were reduced an average of 26.3 mg/dL, a reduction that was more than three times greater than that observed in the placebo group (8.2mg/dL).

“While not statistically significant, the results are encouraging,” said Jay Udani, MD, principal investigator. “When used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise, Phase 2 may complement a healthy weight loss program. We’re pleased that our study was selected for
publication, and feel that it lays the groundwork for necessary future studies on the Phase 2 ingredient,” said Udani.

The study was conducted by Jay Udani, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine, and Medical Director, Integrative Medicine Program, Northridge Hospital; Mary Hardy, MD, Director, Cedars-Sinai Integrative Medicine Medical Group, and Assistant Clinical Professor, USC School of Medicine; and Damian Madsen, Senior Clinical Research Coordinator, California Neuroscience Research Medical Group.

Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc., Kearny, NJ, develops, supplies and manufactures a variety of high-quality, efficacious food ingredients, including Phase 2 starch neutralizer. For more information on Phase 2, including a complete media kit, log-on to; or call 1-800-526-0609.

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