Controlled Carb Gourmet Announces Zero-Carb Bread Line

HALLANDALE, Fla., Apr 27, 2004 -- Controlled Carb Gourmet (C.C.G.) is proudly launching the world's first and only Zero-Carb Bread Products. Included in their new line will be breads, bagels, pizza crusts, rolls, hamburger buns, and hotdog buns. The results of laboratory tests showing zero-impact carbs, conducted by Certified Laboratories, a well- respected and reputable laboratory will be advertised. Presently, C.C.G. is awaiting results from Medallion Laboratory to confirm the results of their other tests. Hadass Keynan, president of C.C.G estimates the product line will be introduced within the next couple of weeks.

As a matter of policy, C.C.G. makes the results of all laboratory test available to the public.

"We strive to achieve the lowest impact carbs and the best taste possible," says Hadass Keynan, President and C.E.O. of Controlled Carb Gourmet. C.C.G. is currently conducting market research to gain customer feedback as to the taste of their new bread. Samples are being sent to all of the current vendors of C.C.G. "Thus far, we have received rave reviews as to the taste and texture of our new bread. Most of the reactions have been that of disbelief at first, but after the lab results were provided, the reaction was that of excitement and enthusiasm," says Hadass Keynan.

C.C.G management will be participating in the upcoming Lowcarbiz Summit in Washington D.C. to address regulatory issues and proper labeling standards of low-carb products. C.C.G. is committed to the accurate nutrition labeling of all of their products.

"Currently, the Zero-carb Bread is not available to retail customers ordering through our website, but the line will be available soon," says Hadass Keynan.

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