Cyvex Launches to Educate Supplement Marketers and Consumers

In a move to expand its cyber-community building, Cyvex Nutrition has launched its first ingredient website:

According to Matt Phillips, President of Cyvex Nutrition, represents a new in-depth profile and community of a Cyvex proprietary branded ingredient that will allow industry and consumers to create a favorable perception of the ingredient and its effective use.

Site visitors will learn how research has shown this ingredient to exert two distinct mechanisms of action: positively affect blood sugar and favorably impact women’s health.

Notably, studies on Chirositol D-Chiro-Inositol, extracted from carob, have been shown to:

act as a secondary messenger stimulating the action of insulin helping to regulate glucose storage or disposal in the cell

stimulate insulin function reducing oxidative stress

Reduce serum androgens and ameliorates conditions such as excessive weight and anovulation in women

Modulate serotonin activity improving appetite balance

“Chirositol™ is quite a versatile ingredient for dietary supplements and functional beverages, and there’s a tremendous market for it,” says Phillips. “Baby boomers and women in childbearing years will appreciate the protective support of Chirositol™.”

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