Danisco to release consumer fiber research

Danisco to release consumer fiber research

Danisco's Global Business Director will debut findings from a consumer research study on the perception of fiber.


Addressing Consumer Insights

In a VendorWorks presentation at SupplySide West, Danisco Global Business Director Peggy Steele, will debut findings from a consumer research study conducted in the United States and France this spring. The objective of the study was to gauge consumer understanding and perception of fiber. Steele will tell how fiber stacks up in importance among product claims and also what consumers expect from products that contain fiber.

Study results revealed that consumers clearly see the importance of fiber in their diet. Furthermore it showed that consumers use front of packaging information more frequently than nutrition facts or ingredient lists when selecting food products. Steele will address whether consumers believe that all fibers are created equal and whether consumers know—or even care—about the differences among fibers. Presentation details follow:

Title: Focus on Fiber: Consumer Insights from the Latest Market Research

Wednesday, October 12

1:30 p.m. to 2:20 p.m.

Location: Booth #10074

Expanding Portfolio of Efficacious Ingredients

“This year we’ve broadened our health and nutrition product offerings with the addition of PinVita™ pine-derived sterols and OsmoAid™, a lactitol laxative ingredient,” said Fabienne Saadane-Oaks, president of Danisco BioActives. “Science in the area of health and nutrition continues to evolve, and Danisco is part of that evolution as we add to our product range and conduct ongoing research into the efficacy of our existing products.”

Visitors to SupplySide West will be able to sample an array of dietary supplements and functional foods containing Danisco’s health-promoting ingredients. In addition to capsules and sachets featuring HOWARU® Balance probiotics, ActivK™ Vitamin K2 MK-7 and PinVita™ phytosterols, attendees will be able to taste three food/beverage samples:

Digestive Health Dairy Shot

This strawberry-flavored, milk-based shot with Litesse® polydextrose and HOWARU® premium probiotics is formulated to deliver fiber in a consumer friendly format.Litesse® is a dietary fiber from Danisco’s family of specialty carbohydrates used to add functional and physiological benefits to dietary supplements and food and beverage products.

Energizing Coconut Water

A natural sports performance enhancer, this lemon coconut water contains BetaPower™ a purified form of anhydrous betaine. BetaPower™ has been shown to protect against dehydration, enhance muscle endurance and improve physical performance.

Tango Fiber Bar for Digestive Health

This cinnamon-vanilla flavored bar with a white yogurt coating is a tasty way to supplement your daily fiber intake and support digestive health. It features Litesse®polydextrose, a prebiotic soluble dietary fiber that is slowly and incompletely fermented in the colon, and which exhibits outstanding gastrointestinal toleration.

At booth #17049, attendees can find info about all of Danisco’s scientifically based, health-promoting ingredients including:

HOWARU® premium probiotics

FloraFIT® custom probiotics

Litesse® polydextrose

BetaPowerTM natural betaine

ActivK™ K2 MK-7

PinVita™ pine-derived sterols

OsmoAid™ lactitol laxative


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