Deerland Enzymes Receives GMP for Sport Certification

Enzyme supplier and specialty contract manufacturer Deerland Enzymes, Kennesaw, GA, recently received GMP for Sport™ certification from NSF International. The GMP for Sport™ Certification is part of NSF’s Dietary Supplement Certification Program and was introduced to minimize the risk that sports nutrition products contain banned substances. The program certifies a company’s facility and processes, as well as ingredient sourcing. It also requires ongoing company audits. The GMP for Sport™ certification complements Deerland’s existing GMP certification under NSF’s Dietary Supplement Certification Program.

The dual NSF certifications reflect Deerland’s continuous commitment to quality. The company has two dedicated Quality departments, Quality Control (QC), responsible for all lab-based functions and R&D, and Quality Assurance (QA), responsible for all process-based quality initiatives. The company has added management and technical staff to support these functions and better service customers.

CEO Scott Ravech commented on the new certification. “Deerland is extremely proud that we have earned GMP for Sport™ certification from NSF. We work extremely hard to meet, and whenever possible, exceed our customers’ expectations, and this is independent testimony that we are doing exactly that for our customers who serve the sports nutrition market. Our customers can now feel confident that the raw materials and formulations that Deerland supplies will perform as they expect with no ‘banned substance’ issues or unpleasant surprises.”

About Deerland Enzymes:
Deerland Enzymes, Kennesaw, GA, offers a broad spectrum of plant, animal, fungal and bacterial-sourced enzymes. All are non-GMO and kosher where applicable. The company also performs specialty contract manufacturing services, including bulk single powders or blends, liquids, hard shell capsules and tablets as well as bottling and labeling.

Deerland Enzymes
3800 Cobb International Blvd.
Kennesaw, GA 30152 USA
Phone - 770-919-8907
Toll free - 800-697-8179
Fax - 770-919-1194
Email - [email protected]

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