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Demand Grows for Alternative Link's ABC Coding Manual for Integrative Healthcare

Coding Manual Supports Use of Alternative Medicine and Integrative Healthcare
in Cash Pay Practices and Consumer-Driven Health Plans

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Alternative Link, the developer of ABC codes for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), nursing and other integrative healthcare practices, reports increasing demand for its 2004 ABC Coding Manual for Integrative Healthcare, reflecting the growing movement toward consumer-driven healthcare and the continuing need to control costs.

"We are pleased with the level of interest in our sixth edition," said Synthia Molina, Chief Executive Officer of Alternative Link. "This is the most comprehensive manual we've had, and the market is more savvy than ever about the need to support consumer choice, document all patient encounters and better manage the quality and cost of care."

"This manual supports a broad range of alternative therapies and opens a whole new world of choice for consumers and practitioners," said Kevin Kunz, a licensed healthcare professional and co-author of three integrative healthcare textbooks.

The 500-page coding manual provides numerous examples of how healthcare organizations, employers, payers, and practitioners can use either the entire code set or just those codes that relate to their particular businesses. Users will find more than 4,000 ABC codes in standard 5-character format, corresponding intervention descriptions and ample instructions. The manual also provides expanded definitions that precisely characterize the delivered care and the required qualifications of caregivers.

Among the supported caregivers are advanced nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, Christian Science practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, doctors of chiropractic, doctors of homeopathy, doctors of naturopathy, doctors of oriental medicine, doctors of osteopathy, holistic dentists, holistic medical doctors, licensed vocational nurses, massage therapists, mental health professionals, minority health specialists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physical therapists, physician assistants, reflexologists, registered dieticians, registered nurses, registered midwives and others.

Some of the key features in the 2004 coding manual include:

- ABC codes that represent nearly 2,000 healthcare services and more than 2,000 healthcare products and supplies, including nutraceuticals and homeopathic preparations.
- Comprehensive intervention indices that support easy identification of relevant codes.
- Tables that map professional certifications and specialties to 2-character "practitioner identifiers" that can be used as code modifiers.
- Maps or "crosswalks" to nursing terminologies in the Nursing Intervention Classification, the Omaha System Intervention Scheme, and the Home Health Care Classification System.

The ABC Coding Manual for Integrative Healthcare is available in a print version and as an interactive PDF on CD-ROM. It may be purchased at and is supported by a suite of products
designed to support healthcare research, management and commerce. The suite includes patient encounter forms and superbills, more than 600 legal practice guides for targeted practitioners in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, a reference book of relative values for integrative healthcare, ASCII files of ABC codes and terminology, industry reports on CAM, and databases that contain the codes, descriptions, expanded definitions, practitioner identifiers/modifiers, relative values and legal practice guidelines.

Alternative Link ( )
Alternative Link, the developer of ABC codes, delivers information products and consulting services that help health-promoting organizations and individuals finance, administer and deliver cost-effective care that improves individual and public health, business and industry efficiencies and socioeconomic development.

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