Don't Be the Second Person to Know Your Claims Are Out of Compliance; Attend the AHPA/IASC Educational Webinar

Many companies have learned the hard way that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) does not send Warning Letters. If your claims are out of compliance, FTC is going to file a complaint. And, unfortunately, in the past few years, dietary supplement companies have also learned the hard way that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not going to sit on its hands if the agency is unhappy with the response it gets after issuing a Warning Letter. In Both cases, a redistribution of wealth is looming on the horizon, and it will likely be more than the “cost of doing business.”

In the interest of ensuring you are not the second person to know your company’s claims are out of compliance with Federal regulation, the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) have brought together regulators and leading defense attorneys to answer your specific questions and provide real world examples:

FDA Division of Dietary Supplements veteran Robert Moore will provide a comprehensive presentation on label claims: taking a close look at the difference between a drug claim and a structure/function claim, FDA’s increasing attention to the medical foods category, implied vs. explicit claims and other gray, black and white regulatory areas.

Steven Shapiro, Partner, Ullman Shapiro and Ullman, will hone in on topical and particularly tricky issues related to the fine lines between a dietary supplement and a conventional food; a dietary supplement and a cosmetic; and a dietary supplement and a drug helping you develop claims that draw customers and not regulators.

FTC Senior Attorney Christine Lee will detail the actions and procedures of a typical case, review recent complaints and settlements, share what’s in the commission’s cross-hairs, and discuss FTC’s jurisdiction over claims throughout the supply chain – from raw ingredient supplier to finished product.

Marc Ullman, Partner, Ullman Shapiro and Ullman will draw on actual claims in the marketplace and years of experience to go beyond telling you what you can’t say to what you can say. Providing a defense attorney’s perspective, Mr. Ullman will also provide his own assessment and thoughts on current FTC actions.

Join top executives and register for this unique opportunity now at The AHPA/IASC webinar is a convenient and cost-effective way to explore issues, gain insight, and enhance knowledge on what’s important to your business. You will be provided with practical, useful documents and information and the opportunity to have your particular questions answered by the experts. The Feb. 4 deadline is fast approaching…

“Allowable Claims & Claims Substantiation: How to Comply with the Law”

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