DuPont launches FIBERline enzymes for bread

DuPont launches FIBERline enzymes for bread

FIBERline strengthens the gluten structure and slows the staling process of wholemeal, wholegrain and added-fiber breads.

DuPont Nutrition & Health is meeting the need for bakery solutions that make high-fiber bread more acceptable to consumers at large. The latest advances in enzyme technology have given viable opportunities to overcome common sensory pitfalls and bake soft, high-volume bread with unrivalled fresh-keeping properties and a consumer-friendly label.

New FIBERline™ enzyme complex, from the DuPont™ Danisco® ingredient range, is at the heart of these enzyme solutions, which are shaking up old perceptions of high-fiber bread as dry, tough and unappealing to the consumer majority.

Key influence on sensory quality
In wholemeal, wholegrain and added-fiber breads, FIBERline™ has displayed an excellent ability to strengthen the gluten structure and slow the staling process—both key to a high sensory quality. High-fiber bread gains a volume, softness and fresh-keeping quality similar to that of traditional white bread, which remains the overriding first choice of consumers in Europe.

Cleaner label options
The power of FIBERline is such that bakers can respond to market demands for cleaner label products either by using enzymes in their formulations or replacing conventional ascorbic acid with natural acerola extract at no expense to bread volume and shape.

Bakers also can choose to add emulsifiers alongside the enzyme complex to achieve an even better sensory quality than obtainable when baking high-fiber bread with enzymes only.

Encouraging more fiber in the diet
“A consumer research study conducted in cooperation with Lindberg Research, indicates that the majority of Western Europeans understand the positive effect of fiber in the diet and are aware that their fiber intake is generally too low,” said Anne Host Stenbak, industry marketing manager at DuPont Nutrition & Health.

“The only way to encourage consumers to eat more fiber is to raise the sensory quality of high-fiber foods. This is what FIBERline does for high-fiber bread—whilst also giving the option to reduce the number of ingredients on labels,” added Host Stenbak.

Regardless of the FIBERline benefits for wholemeal bread, some consumers will always prefer white bread. For this segment, Litesse polydextrose, from the DuPont Danisco ingredient range, is the ideal fiber source.

Litesse is a recognized prebiotic dietary fiber that enables a high-fiber claim. Used in combination with a hydrocolloid such as GRINDSTED® CMC, also from the DuPont Danisco ingredient range, the fiber can be added without impacting the softness, taste and eating qualities of the final white bread.


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