Enzymotec , member of Galam Group, will be present at HIE – Frankfurt

Enzymotec , a member of the Galam Group, will introduce, at the upcoming HIE in Frankfurt, CardiaBeat™, a novel, patent protected ingredient that targets several CVD risk factors simultaneously. Enzymotec will also exhibit an advanced line of brain energizers and cognitive performance enhancers, including SharpPS™, OmegaPS™, and SharpPS™ gold.

The Sharp PS™ gold is a phosphatidylserine (PS)-DHA conjugate launched recently, which follows the natural PS structure found in the human brain. SharpPS™ gold enables potent biofunctionality and synergy, which translates into a significant cognitive improvement compared to regular DHA or PS.

Enzymotec is a biotechnology company providing a unique and better value proposition of emerging lipid-based ingredients such as DHA, PS, or plant-sterols, developing new bio-functional ingredients for targeting functional foods, dietary supplements, and infant formula markets. This is achieved by conjugating these elements to synergize their effect, combined with advanced clinical trials, regulatory affairs, patent protection and future innovative applications.

Booth no. I 21

Ms. Michal Haim-Bravman
Marketing Manager
Enzymotec Ltd.
E-mail: [email protected]
Fax: +972-4-6443799

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