European fructose supplier Galam launches stevia-fructose blend

European fructose supplier Galam launches stevia-fructose blend

European fructose supplier Galam Group launches HiSweet blends, a synergy of the two natural sweeteners stevia and fructose.


A sweetening revolution:

Industry excitement mounts as the anticipated EU November 2011 approval for stevia-extract sweeteners draws near—offering limitless possibilities for low calorie, low GI and reduced sugar products. However, despite it’s powerful qualities, it is widely accepted that to reach a sugar-sweet profile stevia is best formulated with a combination of sweeteners.

Galam Group’s stevia and fructose blends

Galam Group, a leading supplier in Europe of NON GMO crystalline fructose (own brand Fruitose®), has reached the final stages of an intensive blending program. Newly launched, the innovative and stable HiSweet blends exploit the positive synergy of two natural sweeteners—Fruitose® and premium stevia-extracts.

Months of intensive research and development have led Galam Group to optimal fructose and stevia combinations. Fructose, sweeter than sugar, ensures a rapid sweetness response, perfectly complementing stevia’s delayed appearance and more distinct after–taste. Formulating with pioneering stevia/fructose HiSweet blends allows manufacturers to naturally sweeten their products with significantly less calories and sugar, while eliminating the need for masking agents or flavorings.

Galam Group veteran sweetening experts, located at application laboratories and blending facilities throughout Europe, collaborate with food and beverage manufacturers to achieve their ideal sweetness profile. Galam Group customers gain a fast-time to market, with proven blends and expert consultation tailored to each individual product.

Alon Heyman, Chief Marketing Officer at Galam Group, elaborated on the motivation behind the project

"Following the success of stevia-extract and fructose sweetened products in countries with stevia approval; we’ve combined our extensive industry knowledge with sweetening innovation to expand the Galam Group portfolio of stevia-based sweeteners. Galam Group’s expert fructose and stevia formulas significantly reduce sugar and yet still ensure an optimal sweetness profile. As the food and beverage market evolves to meet the demand for more natural and healthier products, Galam Group customers stay cutting edge and ahead of the competition with new products sweetened by HiSweet blends.”

More about Galam Group

Established in 1940, Galam Group brings extensive expertise in refining nature’s raw materials—manufacturing fructose (Fruitose®), glucose, natural high-fiber and protein ingredients, as well as native and modified starches. Additionally, Galam Group subsidiaries represent leading ingredient suppliers and produce high quality lipid-based products.

Based on decades of sweetening experience, Galam Group has established specialist blending facilities throughout Europe. Galam Group supports food and beverage manufacturers with customized sweetening blends that accelerate time-to-market and streamline production.

Leveraging the benefits of stevia, Galam Group’s portfolio has been further enhanced by the innovative HiSweet® blends, delivering natural sugar-sweet tastes and uncompromising quality.


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