First GCP(TM) Study Published In Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal

RYE, NY, November 12, 2002 -- Dr. Aaron Katz's study titled "Regression of Prostate Cancer Following Administration of Genistein Combined Polysaccharide (GCP(TM)), A Nutritional Supplement: A Case Report," was published in the September edition of The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Dr. Katz is the director of the Center for Holistic Urology at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and medical director for the U.S. GCP Research Association.

"Pre-clinical and clinical studies on GCP are very encouraging for our prostate cancer patients. The use of GCP is associated with cell death in the gland," stated Aaron E. Katz, MD. "In addition, we see significant regression of prostate cancer in several patients who were taking GCP after radical surgery. GCP can increase the PSA doubling time."

This published study reports on a case of a patient with a biopsy proven prostate cancer showing clinical and pathologic evidence of regression following administration of GCP. The patient was enrolled in an Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved protocol and received GCP for six weeks prior to radical prostatectomy.

The patient's prostate-specific antigen (PSA) decreased from an initial value of 19.7 to 4.2 ng/mL after 44 days of low-dose GCP. No cancer was identified in the radical prostatectomy specimen and no side effects were observed in this patient. This case study suggests that GCP, which has shown potent inhibitory effects against cancer in vitro, may have some potential activity in the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer.

GCP(TM) is a nutritional supplement, manufactured in Japan, that is composed of genistein and polysaccharide obtained from basidiomycetes that grows in a variety of mushrooms, generally recognized for its anti-angiogenesis effects. GCP is well tolerated by the body with no known serious side effects and is highly bioavailable for use by the body. This study is the first GCP study to be accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

The GCP Research Association,, serves as a catalyst to encourage more studies in North America as well as patient education about the benefits of this nutritional supplement.

Since 1994, over 350 medical doctors and researchers gather in Sapporo, Japan, for the annual International AHCC® and GCP(TM) Research Association Symposium. Past topics include cancer tumor reduction, hepatitis B and C treatment, liver injuries and post-operative immune system enhancement.

For more information on Genistein Combined Polysaccharide (GCP(TM)), visit the research Web site at or call 914.251.0255. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the full text edition, contact Tiia Sumera at 801.538.0777 ext.112 or [email protected].

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