Frutarom, Novel Creation team up on liquid supps

Frutarom, Novel Creation team up on liquid supps

Novel Care supplements are based on a unique liquid system that combines effective doses of both lipid- and water-soluble active ingredients.

Frutarom Health Ltd., Israel, a global leader in health solutions, has joined Novel Creation Ltd., to create a line of liquid supplements for a healthy lifestyle. The line, Novel Care brand of innovative supplements, represents the merging of effective health ingredients with the advanced taste and efficacy formulation technologies offered by Frutarom. The result: “health with indulgence.”

The Novel Care supplements are based on a unique liquid system that combines effective doses of both lipid- and water-soluble active ingredients. At a daily dose of up to 15 ml, each bottle of Novel Care provides consumers with an easy-to-manage, full month’s supply of either of 14 different and flavorful, condition-tailored health formulations. The 30-day bottle eliminates the need to buy multiple daily shots, and replaces the typical arsenal of pills with one sip. The single daily dose can be readily swallowed in concentrate form or diluted in a glass of water.

Unique Novel Care formulations offer a variety of high quality compositions to support a healthy lifestyle, based on innovation, science and quality—core values of Frutarom. Formulations are made from powerful active ingredients, such as algal astaxanthin and coenzyme Q10, fruit antioxidants, or essential minerals, such as calcium and iron.

“Novel Creation came to us with a great vision for liquid-based products that are easy to swallow and highly bioavailable for more complete absorption,” explains Dr. Eli Pinthus, Research & Development Scientist at Frutarom. “There was a unique development challenge to incorporate fat-soluble ingredients like CoQ10 and astaxanthin into a liquid dose-form, while preventing microbial contamination, maintaining shelf-life of the active ingredients,  and encompassing a good flavor. We used the full extent of our ‘taste and health’ solutions, uniting our flavor and health technologies to create these products.”

This innovative product line was perfected via an advanced emulsion technology that enables oil-soluble ingredients to be easily incorporated into water-based formulation. It bypasses the need for synthetic emulsifiers, while boosting the bioavailability of the active components.

“Customer response to this new line was exciting and supported the development of additional formulations suitable for children,” notes Ramin Armin, CEO of Novel Creation. "The combination of highest-quality active ingredients, technical know-how, advanced formulation capabilities and taste solution expertise—all from Frutarom—enabled us to easily meet all our development challenges.”

Following a successful launch of the products in pharmacies and health food stores in Israel, the formulations are now offered globally by Frutarom to its customers and already are generating strong interest in the market.


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