Functional ingredients industry chatter

On targeting audiences
"Messages that may be important to our B2B customers may not necessarily be important to the retailers and consumers. However, what's important to the consumer is very important to our B2B customer.?

— Thomas Brancato, Lonza's NAFTA head of sales and marketing, nutrition, at a Lonza media-education seminar on developing appropriate marketing messages for different audiences throughout the value chain

On 'nutritionism'
"Whatever tentative scientific information is developed, it gets very quickly distorted by the food marketers and manufacturers. They will take partial information about antioxidants, and they are suddenly telling you if you eat almonds you are going to live forever. There is a distortion of what are hypotheses of science.?

— Michael Pollan, author of In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto, and keynote speaker at Expo West

On fats
"Consumers need to read product labels because the trans-fat content of individual products can vary significantly. Products that are lower in trans and saturated fat tend to cost more, which may be a barrier to their purchase for price-conscious consumers.?

— Food researchers at the University of Minnesota

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