GELITA Wows Audience in Shanghai

More than 80 guests from the food, pharmaceutical capsule and photographic industries attended GELITA’s symposium on March 26 in Shanghai. This interactive “infotainment” event, held at the Art Scene Warehouse in the heart of the Shanghai Art District, combined an interactive and educational walking tour with the ambiance of contemporary art.

After welcome messages from GELITA’s CMO, Dr. Axel Alber and GELITA China’s General Manager, Claudio Jacomassi, GELITA escorted guests through a journey into the world of GELITA Gelatine and its many applications. Attendees were immersed into the sceneries of a supermarket, a pharmacy and a photomat or print shop – all environments where GELITA’s products are ubiquitous. At each change in the panorama, GELITA experts explained the use of GELITA products in the particular applications.

Later, GELITA unveiled its future innovation focus, where participants enjoyed an exclusive “sneak peak” at GELITA’s solutions for widespread global trends, such as “Physical Mobility, ”Weight “Management, “Beauty from Within” and “Medical Devices.” GELITA previewed products like FORTIGEL®, the only ingredient which regenerates joint cartilage and OPTICE®, which allows for the development of fat free ice cream.

Following the tour, guests were treated to a five-course gala dinner. American and Chinese chefs created, in a live cooking show, culinary masterpieces with GELITA® Leaf Gelatine.

Although GELITA has hosted symposia in other parts of the world, this event represents the first of its kind for GELITA in China. With great acceptance by and enthusiasm from its guests, GELITA considers this event as the cornerstone for a number of successful and long-lasting partnerships.

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