Helios TransportC-PLUS to be added to Nutragenesis Wellberry

Helios TransportC-PLUS to be added to Nutragenesis Wellberry

The partnership will bring together Helios' TransportC-PLUS, a new ingredient that extends the availability of vitamin C, and Nutragenesis' Wellberry, a functional superfruit ingredient.

Helios President , Michael Jeffers, indicated during a recent interview that "Nutragenesis (of Brattleboro, VT), will utilize TransportC-PLUS® in their updated version of Wellberry®. This existing,  successful product has been in the market for some time but the powerful effects of TransportC-PLUS® have expanded the anti-oxidant benefits of Wellberry® with additional immunity applications,  and an increased orac value to 2895 umole TE/g, or double the levels or Ascorbic Acid".

Transport C-PLUS® has been consistently categorized as the "Next Generation Vitamin C" .  When you add the patented benefits of Vitamin C to the well know attributes of Buffered Calcium Ascorbate, plus, our specially designed grade of Alpha Lipoic Acid; the bio-availability of the Ascorbic Acid increases dramatically. University studies have talked about the benefits of ALA and Vitamin C but the effectiveness of this patented formulation dramatically reduces the oxidative stress on Ascorbic Acid upon intake into the body, thus naturally extending availability post kidney absorption.

Some brands claim the speed of intake is relevant but when the Vitamin C comes under attack in the blood stream the effect is similar to taking regular Vitamin C. It washes out into the kidneys quickly. Some believe at the rate of 95% loss in 45-60 minutes, depending on body mass and metabolism. TransportC-PLUS® solves this problem by extending bio-availability over a significant, and longer time line. TransportC-PLUS regenerates Vitamin C and prevents premature degradation to increase the bio-availability and effectiveness of Vitamin C in cell groups.

Team Helios will be available at SSW 2012 to answer any questions on TransportC-PLUS ®.

About Helios: Helios Corp. is a privately owned and global company that develops new, nutritional ideas, science, and cultural remedies that can be translated into commercial applications for the benefit of nutra and food manufacturers andconsumers. Helios branded ingredients come with Phase I and Phase II human clinical studies. Claims and representations are based on the information, data, clinical studies,  and remedies as provided by our science and manufacturing partners.


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