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New business seminars at HiE
The third Health Ingredients Europe takes place in Amsterdam this month at the RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre, with a new Innovation Seminar programme as one of the highlights. High-profile speakers will address the latest industry issues and the business-oriented seminars have been organised in association with technology provider NIZO food research. Topics include weight management, yoghurt trends, bakery, microbial food safety and vitamin enrichment in drinks. The conference is targeted at food and pharmaceutical manufacturers; people working in marketing, sales, research and development; and retailers.

Seminar hours
Nov 17 10 am ? 5 pm
Nov 18 10 am ? 2 pm

Who?s exhibiting
Purac will be showing its mineral lactates and gluconates Puracal, Puramex and Gluconal; as well as LACTY and Xylitol, low-calorie bulk sweeteners.

90MX, a free-flowing product containing 90 per cent cranberry solids, will be presented by Ocean Spray. This is the first ingredient to carry a health claim for cranberries approved by the French government?s food safety authority. Another featured ingredient will be 50 Brix cranberry concentrate.

Cognis Nutrition & Health will be highlighting Tonalin CLA, a conjugated linoleic acid for body composition products. Other featured products include Vegapure plant sterol esters, Delios medium chain triglycerides, Covitol natural-source vitamin E and Covi-ox natural mixed tocopherols. J Rettenmaier & Sohne GmbH is introducing micro-encapsulated probiotics, which have improved aciduricity with the advantage of an enhanced survival rate and a lower dosage. A starch-reduced oat bran with high dietary fibre content is also on show.

An extensive range of pharmaceutical-grade lipid concentrates, Incromegas and Crossentials, will be on show from Croda Health Care, in addition to Crodaflex TII, a joint-care product based on type II collagen; Pro V2, a hydrolysed wheat protein; and Procol CLA Complex, a novel conjugated linoleic acid product that affords the nutraceutical benefits of both CLA and protein in a spray-dried form. Lycored introduces its flagship food fortification product, Lyc-O-Mato powder, which is antioxidant rich in carotenoids and mixed natural tocopherols. The additive-free powder can be added to practically any food without affecting the flavour.

Biodar will be showing its micro-encapsulated ingredients, which include vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene.

Orafti will present a briefing at the show on the results of a large-scale scientific study that has demonstrated that the company?s Raftilose Synergy1 with a probiotic culture can provide protection against colon cancer.

Solbar is showing its soluble Solgen soy isoflavones and an expanded range of Bontex steam-textured soy proteins.

Healthy ingredient awards
Best innovation awards for health ingredients will be presented on Nov 16. The following six companies have been nominated:

Bio Serae Laboratoires SA
For NeOpuntia, a standardised, natural fat-binder that is a chitosan replacement product, certified GMO and allergy-free, and suitable for vegetarians.

Cerestar Food & Pharma Specialities, Europe
For Trehalose, a novel, cell wall-protecting carbohydrate with a low insulin response; it is a natural sugar occurring in yeast, honey and mushrooms.

DMV International
For C12 Peptide, a natural protein hydrolysate that is a fast-acting ingredient for lowering blood pressure.

DMV International
For Cysteine Peptide, a precursor for glutathione that helps cleanse toxins and substances such as caffeine and alcohol.

DSM Food Specialities
For PeptoPro, a bioactive peptide for fast muscle refuelling produced using a new, patented process, which hydrolyses milk proteins. This process produces a specific mixture of peptides, which increase the uptake of glucose from the blood into the muscle.

For Lactium, a natural milk protein hydrolysate that contains a bioactive peptide with clinically proven relaxing properties. A food grade ingredient, lactium can be incorporated in food and beverages applications or encapsulated.

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