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Introducing OmegaMax - Omega 3 Fish Oil

One of the UK's largest and fastest growing vitamins and minerals suppliers, Simply Supplements, is proud to introduce its omega 3 product to the UK market, OmegaMax, at a strength that provides unprecedented levels of essential omega 3 fatty acids that are vital to good health.

Omegamax is the remarkable new product, which provides a huge 420mg of EPA and 260mg of DHA within each capsule, has already received massive attention from the industry and customers alike, and Omegamax is set to be one of the most popular omega 3 products of 2008. OmegaMax offers an optimal means of achieving the 'Omega 3 Benefits' which are widely known to promote a healthy heart, mental alertness and optimum joint health.

OmegaMax is exclusive to Simply Supplements and is not only a high strength omega 3 fish oil product, Omegamax is also an outstanding quality formulation. Judith Shaw, Head of Nutrition at Simply Supplements said: "It is our aim to provide our customers with new and innovative products within the vitamin and minerals arena which not only set new industry standards but are also at a price that our customers can afford. OmegaMax is just one of these products that we have to offer and is proving to be immensely popular."

Judith also went on to express the importance of high quality fish oils for good health and stresses that it is vital that customers are able to distinguish between good quality fish oil and the low quality fish oils that are also available on the market. Judith explains, "Only fish oil which has been molecularly distilled is of the purest form possible... all Simply Supplements Omega 3 fish oil, including OmegaMax, is refined using molecular distillation, an advanced process and purification of EPA and DHA from starter fish oil material."

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