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Fermented bacteria
Via animal studies, Kagome has confirmed carrot extracts fermented by plant-based lactobacillus bacteria (Lactobacillus brevis KB290) have significant anti-tumour effects. The research was presented to the Japanese Association for Food Immunology.

New green tea product
Coca-Cola Japan and Calpis have decided to collaborate in product development. As the first product series, Coca-Cola Japan has launched Kokochiyoi Mainichi L-92 Green Tea (Comfortable Every Day L-92 Green Tea) containing Calpis' L-92 (Lactobacillus acidophilus).

Calpis' Inter Balance L-92
Calpis has expanded its Inter Balance L-92 product line, which contains the company's proprietary L-92 (Lactobacillus acidophilus). Initially launched only in drinks three years ago, it is now being used in dietary supplements. The company has expanded production capacity of powdered L-92, which also can be used in jelly drinks. The company is projecting sales of 3 billion yen for the brand in 2006.

Health Drink for Hay Fever
Takara Shuzo has reintroduced a health support drink SELF CARE Ten-cha + Perilla for consumers who suffer from hay fever. The product contains ten-cha, a Chinese rosaceous sweet tea; perilla fruit extract, a new ingredient replaced by perilla leaf extract; and butterbur. The company has also launched a website called Muzu-muzu Weather Forecast 06, which offers information on pollen dispersal. More than 10,000 users registered at the site last year.

Courtesy of Global Nutrition Group
Global Nutrition Group is a consulting company in Tokyo focusing on the health and nutrition industry that aims to help companies enter the Japanese nutrition market. Services include clearing regulations, finding local partners, evaluating product potentials and providing marketing support. www.global-nutrition.co.jp

Functional ice creams
Lotte Snow's new Health & Beauty (H&B) brand is designed to improve skin tone and appearance. As the first product launch, the company has introduced two ice creams: H&B Bigokochi Marine Collagen and H&B Bigokochi CoQ10, available at both supermarkets and convenience stores. The products contain marine collagen and co-enzyme Q10, both of which are known as skincare ingredients, as well as the recommended daily dose of vitamins (vitamin C for the collagen product and vitamin E for the co-Q10 product).

Another ice cream, H&B Plant STYLE, available in vanilla, chocolate and green tea flavours, is made from plant-based ingredients with a soymilk base. It also contains Nisshin Oiliio's Healthy Resetta, which is a functional cooking oil with midchain fatty acids to prevent the accumulation of body fats.

Soy and vegetable beverage
A new drink mixing soymilk and vegetables contains 100g of non-GMO soy with soy isoflavones and 120g of green and yellow vegetables per 200mL serving. ITO-En's Ichinichi-bun no Soymilk and Vegetables uses 15 vegetable concentrates, such as carrots, but no additional sugar or salts. The 100g of soy and 120g of green and yellow vegetables used in the product meet the Japanese government's recommended daily intake levels.

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