Kampffmeyer introduces two clean label baking ingredients

Kampffmeyer introduces two clean label baking ingredients

Slow Milling Ferment’tic® is an alternative to common baking agents including emulsifiers and Slow Milling Apple Fibre enhances baked goods with dietary fiber.

At this year’s Food Ingredients Europe, Kampffmeyer Food Innovation introduced two clean label baking ingredients from its Slow Milling range: for manufacturing wheat-based baked goods, the baking-active bakery ingredient Slow Milling Ferment’tic® is an alternative to common baking agents including emulsifiers, Slow Milling Apple Fibre enhances baked goods with valuable dietary fibre. Also high in dietary fibre are the wholemeal flours of Kampffmeyer Food Innovation’s Optigrain® range, which contain the whole kernel but provide an especially mild taste. The company also presented functional flours which can replace binding agents that require E-numbers.

Although suitable for all baked goods based on wheat, Mediterranean bakery products are the main application for Slow Milling Ferment’tic®: the baking-active clean label bakery ingredient provides the typically Mediterranean coarse, irregular holes as well as a full, aromatic taste. The dough stabilising properties of Slow Milling Ferment’tic® enable manufacturers to banish baking agents, including emulsifiers, from their recipes. By using straight dough bulk fermentation, results which normally require a preferment followed by a long proofing time can quickly be achieved.


Useful fibre

The native apple fibres ‘Slow Milling Apple Fibre’ not only provide a ‘Plus’ on dietary fibre, but additionally offer an aromatic taste and prolonged freshness. With its unbleached oat fibres ‘Nature Fibre Oat 100’, the company provides another good source of dietary fibre: Nature Fibre Oat 100 has a fibre content of 90 per cent in the dry mass. Originating from the outer layer of ‘White Oat’ grains, the product is characterised by an outstanding light colour and a mild flavour which allows manufacturers to enrich all types of pastries with fibre, from fine to rustic bakery products.


Grain varieties with a low phenol content are the basis for Kampffmeyer Food Innovation’sOptigrain® whole grain flours made from wheat, rye and durum. Gently processed, these flours are as high in dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances as conventional whole grain flours, but are much milder in taste. Additionally, whole grain specialties including Optigrain® are characterised by prolonged shelf life and an outstanding appearance.


Clean Label binding systems

The Purafarin® brand comprises functional, thermally treated flours that are suitable for clean label binding, stabilizing and thickening in a broad range of products. In soups, sauces, ready and frozen meals, Purafarin® can replace binding systems which require E-numbers, such as chemically modified starches. The functional flours perform without adverse impact on sensorial or technological properties. Rather, they create stable viscosities and give soups and sauces a unique creaminess and a pleasing mouthfeel. In frozen meals, syneresis is effectively prevented.

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