Learn how to tackle the EU’s claims regulation

The international food and nutrition consultancy EAS will be holding an in-depth workshop on claims on the 10 February in Brussels.

All companies from the food and nutrition industry are invited to the workshop entitled “The Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation: Dealing with the present—Planning for the future” to better understand the Regulation and learn how best to respond to it.

The EAS team of experts will guide participants through the complex issues of key concern to the food sector at the moment, including the Commission’s new policy related to the adoption of the Article 13 list and strategies on how to best benefit from the Article 13 transition period. Tips on how to introduce a successful application for authorisation to EFSA will also be addressed; taking into account last developments on required EFSA claims substantiation standards and guidelines. In addition, the day-to-day practical problems that are faced in the application of the claims Regulation will be outlined as well as what can be expected for the future.

“The EU claims Regulation represents one of the major hurdles for the future marketing of food products with health benefits in Europe. A first ban on a wide range of generic Article 13 health claims was at first foreseen for 2011. However, a recent positive development has brought some delay on the Article 13 transition period timescale. And an even longer delay is now expected in relation to health claims for botanicals. We will therefore provide recommendations to companies how they can best continue to benefit from this transition period and also how to address additional future claims applications.” said Stefanie Geiser EAS-Italy Regulatory Affairs Manager.

Patrick Coppens, Senior Adviser International Food and Health Law and Scientific Affairs at EAS, added “While EFSA continues to assess the claims made on foods, their past opinions have taught us a lot about what can be learnt from this process. In our workshop we will not only report about latest trends on required EFSA claims substantiation standards but also explore the do’s and don’ts for compiling a dossier to maximise chances of success.”

The workshop is limited to just 25 places so as to ensure an interactive session and provide participants with the opportunity to be given clear advice on specific issues they face.

For more information about the workshop or to register for the event visit www.eas.eu, email workshop@eas.eu or contact Cindy Garcet on +32 2 218 14 70.

Highlights of the workshop:

• What are the EC and EFSA’s next steps and how will they affect my business?

• What lessons can be learned from the successes and failures of submissions having undergone an EFSA assessment?

• How can I successfully plan the development of new foods with health benefits?

• What measures should I take to keep my existing products on the market?

• What are the different possibilities to communicate on the health benefits of foods under the requirements of the claims Regulation?

• How can I be sure my health communication will not be challenged?

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