LIMU, SolutionX launch IAMLIMU.COM social media site

LIMU has collaborated with technology partner SolutionX, to create a company branded social media platform

Leading fucoidan-focused nutritional company, LIMU has collaborated with technology partner SolutionX, to create a company branded social media platform. Driving social media initiatives in the Direct Sales space, LIMU has advanced its Members’ ability to share the LIMU products and opportunity on a Facebook style web platform with the introduction of

“Direct Sales and Social Media have proven to go hand in hand as both are about sharing an experience,” said Rodger Smith, SolutionX CEO. “LIMU has shown a lot of energy and passion with their re-branding and will further their focus on leading new media and innovative initiatives. SolutionX offers Direct Sales companies the ability to maintain relevancy and brand focus with the latest in technology advances”. offers LIMU Members the ability to create a profile, share experiences and invite interested consumers to learn about their passion for LIMU products and a business opportunity. As the company has entered new markets with Japan and Taiwan, providing an opportunity to unify the LIMU web story is part of the international growth strategy. The company also hopes the site will help mainstream media identify the synergy Direct Sales has with social media.

“LIMU has been vigorous this past year during our brand evolution to lead the industry in unique offerings and an opportunity with true longevity for its Members,” said Kerry Brown, LIMU Marketing Director. “ is another example of the company’s commitment to timely innovation and social media tools.”

During the last year, LIMU has hired an ambitious group of new executives, completed a brand transformation, new product launches, and international market entrances. continues the company’s aggressive focus on building the LIMU opportunity throughout 2010 - 2011.

About LIMU™

LIMU is an established global nutritional company solely focused on marketing the rich health benefits of marine bioactive, Fucoidan. Employing a direct sales business model, LIMU continues to expand its network of Members across the globe, with tens of millions of dollars in commissions paid. Based in Florida, LIMU is an industry leading home-based business opportunity, helping people to enjoy a higher quality of life. For more information on LIMU and its exclusive Fucoidan product formulas, please visit

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