LycoRed Starts Natural Color Revolution

LycoRed, Ltd. reports a flood of inquires into new brand, Tomat-O-Red®, the healthy red colorant from tomatoes. This vegetable source colorant was launched at the beginning of this year, immediately following color additive approval by the FDA. It delivers to foods and beverages the added health benefits attributed to the antioxidant action of lycopene.

“The introduction of Tomat-O-Red® marks the start of a natural colorant revolution.” says Morris Zelkha, LycoRed President and CEO. “Colorants in competition with Tomat-O-Red® are either synthetic or sourced from insects. Today, consumer interest in food additives that are natural and vegetarian is running high, and Tomat-O-Red offers both these benefits.”

Tomat-O-Red® derives its red color from lycopene extracted from non-GMO tomatoes. The two, additive free, Tomat-O-Red® formulations can produce coloring in various shades of red. Both ready-to-use formulations, a liquid dispersion and a cold water dispersible powder, are certified kosher.

Commenting on the booming interest in this new brand, VP of Marketing and Sales, Dr. Zohar Nir, says “The excitement we are seeing in the marketplace over this new offering confirms that consumers want foods that are safe and all natural as well as good for you; and, Tomat-O-Red® delivers all the antioxidant health benefits that research is attributing to tomato lycopene.”

The response has been from food and beverage manufacturers producing goods covering a wide range of applications. Dr. Nir continued, “We have received inquires from leading companies wishing to color a large variety of products including, dairy foods, processed meat, bakery, soft drinks and confectionery. A full fifty percent of the inquiries are from North America.”

LycoRed is a fast-growing nutritional ingredient company, with regional offices in the US, Europe and Israel. LycoRed’s strategy calls for building a portfolio of high value carotenoid brands, natural food colorants and effective fortification technologies. LycoRed’s nutrition solutions simplify the development and production process of cutting-edge food, beverage and nutritional supplement products, responding to consumer demand for healthier foods.

For further information, please contact:

LycoRed Corp
Leo Cullen
Tel: 877-592-6733
Fax: 973-882-0323
email: [email protected]

P.L. Thomas
Ms. Paula Nurnberger
Phone: 1-973-984-0900 ext 214

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