M2 Formulex Inc. Introduces Comprehensive 100% Biodegradable Packaging Solution for Prepackaged Produce

Toronto, Canada based M2 Formulex Inc. (M2) is pleased to announce the introduction of a “one-stop-shop” earth-friendly packaging program for prepackaged produce in North America. M2’s packaging solution is 100% Biodegradable, 100% Compostable, 100% Food-Safe and made from non-GMO raw materials, making the packaging particularly attractive to Organic Produce Packers.

M2’s 100% biodegradable packaging solution complies with all FDA/CFIA requirements and has received the following certifications: 1) ASTM D 6400 (BPI Program), 2) DIN CERTCO (European Standard) and EcoLogo (Environment Canada’s ‘Environmental Choice’ Program). These certifications are awarded to packaging that meets stringent criteria for food safety, functionality and very specific biodegradability and compostability requirements.

M2’s 100% Biodegradable Sugarcane Trays are highly moisture resistant, durable and compatible with existing packaging equipment and available in a variety of attractive colors from natural dyes. M2’s trays can provide significant benefits:

• Point-of-sale-differentiation.
• Enhancement of store brands via the “natural-in-natural” concept.
• Reduced CO2 discharge (Greenhouse Gas) versus traditional packaging

In addition to 100% Biodegradable Sugarcane Trays, M2 also offers the only commercially-available 100% Biodegradable Cling Film (overwrap), which offers the same functionality as traditional cling film. This film contains no plasticizer, is PVC-free and can be rendered 100% biodegradable when disposed of in a landfill or commercial compost facility. The 100% Biodegradable Cling Film will degrade in the presence of sunlight, mechanical stress, and ultimately biodegrade when exposed to oxygen, moisture and microbes as described in ASTM D6954-04.

In addition to the sugarcane trays and film, M2 also offers 100% Compostable Roll Labels made from cellulose, printed with water-based inks. These labels are 100% compostable according to ASTM D 6400 / EN13432. Aside from flat tray packaging, M2 has 100% Biodegradable Produce Netting (both extruded and knitted), available in a wide variety of colors, along with 100% Biodegradable Soaker Pads (for berries, other high moisture fruits, as well as fresh ‘case ready’ meat and poultry products).

Steve Johnston, Business Development Manager for M2 states: “our 100% biodegradable packaging program not only benefits the environment, but will also provide a positive image for food marketers, demonstrating to consumers that the company is doing its part to safeguard the environment.”

About M2 Formulex Inc.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada and having affiliate offices in New York and Minnesota, M2 is a leading provider of Sales/Marketing, Business Development and Applications Development services to food, beverage, ingredient, packaging, and nutraceutical companies globally. For additional information please contact Steve Johnston ([email protected]), Business Development Manager, M2 Formulex Inc., at Tel: 905-760-1176, Ext. 223, or visit www.m2formulex.com.

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