MMUSA Achieves NSF International Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Registration

LOS ANGELES, Aug 30, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- MMUSA, a world leader in sports supplement manufacturing, is pleased to announce Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Registration through NSF International's Dietary Supplement Certification program. MMUSA has successfully met all requirements included in NSF's GMP Registration Program. MMUSA markets an extensive range of health & fitness serums and sports drinks in 22 countries, on 4 continents.

Dr. Amir Zeibak, MMUSA president and CEO commented, "In our 10 year history, we have consistently offered products of the very highest quality. GMP is widely respected internationally. Our registration emphasizes MMUSA's promise to provide our customers with the very best. It's one more tangible step we've taken to lead our industry and to reassure consumers in all our markets."

MMUSA's GMP registration reflects MMUSA's continued commitment to ensuring quality and satisfaction. For meeting GMP requirements, MMUSA receives a NSF GMP registration certificate and is listed on the NSF Web site,

GMPs are regulatory requirements that provide guidelines for necessary processes, procedures and documentation to produce products that have the identity, strength, composition, quality and purity as represented on labels and in advertising. NSF conducted a plant audit to verify compliance with GMPs and will conduct periodic audits to ensure continued conformance. GMPs for the current NSF Dietary Supplements Program are included in NSF American National Standard 173-Dietary Supplements, the only American National Standard for Dietary Supplements.

"MMUSA's GMP registration demonstrates that their facility operates in accordance with the NSF American National Standard for Dietary Supplements. This is a key milestone for MMUSA in preparation for the anticipated release of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's GMPs by the end of this year," said Kathy Jordan, NSF general manager, NSF dietary supplements and functional foods certification program.

NSF International, an independent, not-for-profit organization, protects consumers by certifying products and writing standards for food, water, air and consumer goods. NSF is committed to protecting public health and safety worldwide. MMUSA unconditionally supports NSF's efforts to monitor product quality worldwide.

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