National Enzyme Company Celebrates 75 Years

Forsyth, MO – National Enzyme Company, the industry’s leading enzyme formulation expert and supplier, is celebrating 75 years in business. This impressive milestone makes NEC one of the oldest companies in the dietary supplement industry and solidifies its role as the creator of the enzyme category in the DS industry.

"Enzymes are, and will forever be, essential to a healthy life. We take our role as a world class organization seriously and are proudly committed to not only the safe work practices required for enzyme manufacturing, but equally to the education, research and innovation necessary to provide general and special use enzymes to every human and pet. For this, our active position to develop industry standards for enzymes in dietary supplements will persist. It is with great dedication and perseverance we shall continue to be the industry’s leading supplier worldwide." Anthony Collier, CEO/President, NEC

Founded in 1932 by Dr. Edward Howell, NEC has led the way in advancing digestive health around the world. Dr. Howell began research on enzymes in Chicago in the early 1920’s. This research led him to private practice specializing in the treatment of advanced illnesses utilizing enzyme nutrition and physical therapy. With the popularity of his practice growing, Dr. Howell began producing enzyme products that he sold to other physicians.

In 1979 Mr. Collier, who worked closely with Dr. Howell for many years, bought National Enzyme Company to further Dr. Howell’s original mission: To establish supplemental enzymes as essential to a healthy life. This mission is still used today by NEC.

Through continued enzyme research and consistent high quality, NEC continues to improve the enzyme category it created.

For more information please call Ms. Scott Daniel at 800-825-8545 ext 2177 or email to [email protected].

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