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NattoPharma names Hogne Vik CEO

NattoPharma names Hogne Vik CEO
Vik was the driving force behind the documentation program securing the current market position of Aker BioMarine Antarctic's Superba krill oil.

NattoPharma ASA, the worldwide innovator of MenaQ7, a proprietary and patented vitamin K2 menaquinone-7 derived from natto, has announced a key management position: Hogne Vik, MD, PhD, MBA, is the new CEO as selected by the board of directors of NattoPharma.

Frode M. Bohan, executive chairman of the board for NattoPharma, said, “Dr. Vik has previous experience at similar companies to NattoPharma, and these companies have successfully implemented development strategies and have created significant shareholder value. Dr. Vik has held key positions at Nycomed/Amersham, Natural, Pronova BioPharma and recently Aker BioMarine Antarctic. This means that for the first time NattoPharma has a CEO that has experience in implementing strategic change and the exact executive NattoPharma currently requires."

Dr. Hogne Vik is a physician by education and has a long and successful track record in both the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. As global vice president in product development in Nycomed/Nycomed Amersham Dr. Vik was one of the main forces behind the development and market entrance of VisiPaque, a truly world-dominating X-ray contrast agent that remains a top-selling pharmaceutical compound in the US. Following Nycomed, Vik was instrumental in bringing Tonalin (CLA) to the European and U.S. market, as part of Natural ASA.

Additionally, he was one of the key executives in the management team of Pronova BioPharma securing the U.S. and Japanese market entrance of Omacor/Lovaza (the only omega-3 substance with a status as a prescription drug), which became another blockbuster drug in the U.S. Most recently, Dr. Vik has been the driving force behind the documentation program securing the current marketing position of Superba krill oil developed and manufactured by Aker BioMarine Antarctic.

Bohan added, "Dr. Vik has demonstrated managerial abilities to achieve results within the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries. We welcome him in the driving seat to secure the further development of NattoPharma."

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