Nestlé adds probiotics to its infant formula

Emphasis on immune-system benefits is a first for foods giant

UNITED STATES Nestlé has launched the first probiotics-fortified infant formula in the US. The company calls the product Natural Cultures. Like an increasing number of dairy products, the product, which is part of Nestlé's Good Start infant-formula range, has multiple fortifications, and also carries DHA and ARA for 'brain and eye development,' according to Nestlé.

It also contains 'Comfort Proteins', a whey protein, "broken down to be easy-to-digest in a baby's developing tummy."

"This is a major step toward providing formula-fed infants a part of the immune-related benefits that only breastfeeding can entirely provide," said Jose Saavedra, medical and scientific director at Nestlé Nutrition."

Nestlé also has established a website,, to support the Good Start range. —

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