New Clinical Trio for 7-KETO™

Lean System 7™ Weight Loss Formula Tested

Minneapolis, Minnesota, February 19, 2003 - Humanetics Corporation announced today that it has completed a clinical study that evaluated the weight loss effect of a new dietary supplement formulation that includes its flagship ingredient, 7-Keto™. 7-Keto™, a naturally-occurring substance that declines with age, has been the subject of two previous peer reviewed, published clinical studies that have shown it to be highly effective in reducing weight due to its thermogenic properties.

In this eight week study of 35 overweight individuals, a dietary supplement formulation provided by iSatori Global Technologies, Inc. (Lean System 7™) which contained 7-Keto™ was compared in a randomized, double blind design to an identical group taking a placebo. Both groups were placed on an average diet of 1,800 calories per day and participated in 3 hours per week of light aerobic exercising such as walking. The results of the study revealed that the group which received Lean System 7 had a significant reduction in body weight (p=0.001) and body mass index (BMI) (p=0.001), while the group that took the placebo did not. Total weight loss in the group receiving Lean System 7 ranged as high as 19.3lbs with the mean loss at 6.3lbs. Additionally, it was reported that the group taking Lean System 7 experienced an average reduction of 4.3 inches in total waist and hip circumference while the placebo group averaged 2.8 inches. The study also measured the effects on the subjects' basal metabolic rates (BMR). This is the rate of calories burned per day without any physical activity and typically accounts for 70% of all calories burned. The placebo group experienced a decline in their BMR during the study while the group receiving Lean System 7 had a an increase in BMR ranging up to 43.9% with a mean increase of 9.2% per day. The increase in BMR associated with Lean System 7 equates to burning on-average, an additional 180 calories per day with individual results ranging as high as 930 calories per day.

There were no significant changes in vital signs and no serious adverse events reported in the group taking Lean System 7™. The study concluded that Lean System 7™ is safe and has a side effect profile that is no different than a placebo. The study will be prepared and presented for peer reviewed publication.

Humanetics Corporation, based in Chanhassen, Minnesota, is engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of proprietary ingredients for the dietary supplement, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. For more information on Lean System 7™ visit

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