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New ORAC, COX assays
Brunswick Laboratories in Massachusetts has introduced two antioxidant tests to complement its existing panel of ORAC assays: a superoxide radical absorbance capacity (S-ORAC) assay and an assay for oil-in-water emulsions (ORAC-E). The company has also improved its COX-1 and COX-2 assays (COX-1/2). This service quantitates anti-inflammatory activity and calculates a ratio that measures the selectivity of COX-2 inhibition. The COX-1/2 assays are based on an improved oxygraph method and use IC50 as a unit of measure.

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High-speed capsule filler
A new oil-and-paste capsule filler by Schaefer Technologies has a production capacity of 10,000-25,000 capsules per hour and is able to fill sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4, in addition to certain DB capsule sizes. The LF-10 semi-automatic capsule filler can accommodate both hard gelatine and vegetable-based capsules with products whose viscosities range from 100-1,000cps. The company is based in Indiana.

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Filling depositor
Illinois-based NuTEC Manufacturing?s new 725 C-Frame Filling & Portion Depositor places fillings for such foods as stuffed sandwiches, calzones, sandwich wraps, burritos, egg rolls and hamburgers. Deposit sizes of up to 1-3/8 inches thick can be achieved at up to 65 cycles per minute.

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Easy-to-adjust colloid mills
Bematek Systems in Massachusetts has unveiled a full line of colloid mills that can be adjusted while running to let users fine-tune their product and offer clean-in-place operation. The Bematek Z-Series Sanitary Colloid Mills come in a variety of models to produce ultra-fine particle size reduction and sub-micron dispersions and emulsions of varying viscosities. Models are available with flow rates from 12 to 4,500GPH and typical rotor/stator combinations are offered for products ranging from low-viscosity to abrasive slurries.

+1 978 927 2179

Extraction system captures solvents
A new technology designed to extract and recover a residual solvent in a single vessel decreases the possibility of contamination and exposure of workers to the solvents, reports Kentucky company Littleford Day. The Littleford Day Ploughshare technology involves a unique mix action that involves rotating plow-shaped mixing tools running at a speed sufficient to cause the mix materials to become a pulsating, mechanically fluidised bed. Ploughshare extractors can be purchased in a variety of sizes, from bench/pilot-scale to larger units.

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Thicker bottles to boost shelf life
New Jersey-based Healthcare Packa-ging Group, a division of the O.Berk Co, has introduced a line of Thick Wall HDPE Pharmaceutical Rounds in 100ml, 180ml and 270ml sizes. The containers have a minimum wall thickness of 0.050 inches, which is more than double the thickness of standard bottles. Its reduced moisture permeability increases product life, the company reports.

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Advances in micro-encapsulation
Austrian company GAT Formulation has invented a new micro-encapsulation technology of active ingredients.
The method allows stabilisation of ingredients such as omega-3s and antioxidants even under slightly sour conditions (pH>3.0) and throughout homogenisation up to 150 bars. Therefore, the active ingredients of the GAT Food Essentials product line can be incorporated into foods where the stability has not been possible, such as fruit juices, yoghurts, baked goods and extruded products. The company?s specially formulated products are liquid and thus are easily mixed into the beverage or the water phase of the food production.

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