NMI Reports 2002 Health & Wellness Industry At $59 Billion

Harleysville, Pa. (January 22, 2003) -- Despite challenges in the U.S. economy, The Natural Marketing Institute’s (NMI’s) Health and Wellness Trends Database (HWTD) --- based on an annual research study of 2,000+ U.S. consumer households --- reported sales of $59 billion within the consumer packaged goods health and wellness industry, representing 7.3% growth versus 2001.

NMI Managing Partner, Steve French states, “The industry’s strength is currently within functional and fortified foods/beverages (+11%), organics (+17%), and natural/organic personal care (+15%). Vitamins, minerals, and herbals show continued maturation, however HWTD insight indicates renewed, positive trends.

The findings are part of NMI’s recently published consumer research report, The 2003 Health and Wellness Trends Report (HWTR). This comprehensive 200+ page report analyzes the dynamic consumer attitudes, behaviors, product usage, lifestyles and demographics surrounding the world of health and wellness across specific categories including: natural, organic, functional, fortified foods and beverages, as well as weight management products, natural/organic personal care, dietary supplements, and expanded analysis of specific nutritional ingredients.

According to NMI President Maryellen Molyneaux, “The data indicates a 10% compound annual growth rate, with projected sales of $86 billion by 2006. With this growth comes an evolution of consumer nuances, and how they play into strategic development, new product initiatives, marketing communications, and overall business planning. As such, the 2003 HWTR is a valuable resource for identifying specific opportunities and challenges within the health and wellness marketplace.”

NMI is a strategic consulting, market research, and business development company specializing in the health and wellness marketplace. For more information, contact JD Bodine at 215-513-7300 ext 226 or visit www.NMIsolutions.com.

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