Nourish America, NOW, Tishcon send vitamins to 8,000 U.S. kids

Nourish America, NOW, Tishcon send vitamins to 8,000 U.S. kids

Tishcon Corp. and NOW Foods supplied Nourish America with multivitamins to help needy children from New York to tornado-ravaged Iowa.

Nourish America, an award-winning national charity, continues its work supplying essential nutrition to Americans in need. Today, 8,334 children from New York city to rural Iowa are enjoying high-quality multivitamin/mineral supplements thanks to Nourish America supporters Tishcon Corp and NOW Foods. The more than 16,000 bottles of multivitamins were sent to the renowned independent food pantry River Fund New York and Drake University Head Start, as well as the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL) and State Senator Jodi Ernst in tornado- and flood-torn Thurman, Iowa.

River Fund New York, a member of the Feed Everyone networks, received eight pallets of children's chewable vitamins from Nourish America for his young clients. "Of all the programs that we talk about to our supporters, our vitamin program for children is the one we are most proud of," stated River Fund NY Executive Director Swami Durga Das. "Because of Nourish America and its generous donors, that program continues to be a huge asset to our families. Although ending hunger has always been an iimportant, noble goal, the reality is that hunger is growing, and the ones needing our services most are the children. For a family that has the resources to be able to choose their food and balance their nutrition, the kids can develop well without nutritional support. But for families that are dependent on free food programs like ours, the parents aren't able to provide the well-rounded nutrition that their kids need to grow in a healthy way. So receiving multivitamins for these children is just priceless. With a daily dose, they're getting the essential vitamins and minerals that they need for the day—no matter what they were offered to eat. This directly impacts the quality of life of these kids. With the help of the daily multi-vitamin, our children here do better in school and in sports. They get along better with their peers and authority figures. They feel better about themselves. How can you put a value on that? Thank you, Nourish America!"

Nourish America's children's multivitamins also arrived in Thurman and Creston, Iowa, where on April 14, tornados ravaged the area. According to the Fremont County Emergency Management Director Mike Crecelius, nearly 75 percent of the small community of Thurman was destroyed. Thanks to a team effort with the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL), 2,000 bottles were distributed to the many families in need there.

"When natural disasters strike, we see destruction and despair as families who lose their homes and their local businesses scramble to get back on their feet. But often we forget about the day-to-day activities that those who live in these communities must forgo," stated Robin Read, president and CEO of NFWL. "Thanks to NFWL's long-time partnership with Nourish America, Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst was able to distribute children's vitamins to the families who lost everything, aiding in the effort to return to some normalcy to their daily routines and ensuring the youth of Creston and Thurman remain active and healthy."

Nourish America has been providing essential nutrition to those in need in America since 1999. Over its history, it has assisted more than 1.5 million Americans struggling with financial challenges and hunger with a nutritional hand-up. Research shows that providing essential nutrients to low income and homeless children can make dramatic improvements in their lives. Teachers as well as parents report that participating children earn higher grades, are more physically active, choose healthier foods, are happier and take better care of themselves.

"It is our great honor to improve the lives of the children we serve at Nourish America. We have heard hundreds of stories from parents, teachers and agency staff about the profound impact daily nutrition has on these children who have been compromised from the stress of poverty or disaster. From dramatic academic improvement to complete turnarounds in attitude and behavior, multivitamins for children in need is an economical, effective tool in returning these children back to a healthy, happy successful life. Thank you again to Tishcon Corp and NOW Foods who have both been solid supporters of Nourish America and its work for many, many years. With theirs and other generous companies' support, we look forward to improving the lives of children here in the US for years to come," stated Michael Morton, president and CEO of Nourish America.

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