NOW Foods Commends Study Confirming Dietary Supplement Benefits

Bloomingdale, IL, September 22, 2004 -- An evidence-based study conducted by the well-respected Lewin Group released today revealed that the cost savings that can be realized by daily use of just two common dietary supplements is nothing short of astounding.

The estimated five year net savings in medical expenditures by reducing hip fractures among people over 65 through taking 1200 mgs. of calcium with vitamin D is $13.9 billion. Women of child bearing age taking folic acid to prevent Neural Tube Defects could save $1.3 billion over five years, saving 600 babies a year from these birth defects. And these startling numbers don’t address the attendant quality of life issues, which are priceless.

“Research shows that the typical American diet does not always provide a sufficient level of nutrients” said Elwood Richard, president and founder of leading supplement manufacturer NOW Foods. “This study just reveals the tip of the iceburg in the ability of supplements to contribute to a healthier America.”

Today’s hearing held by the U.S. House Committee on Government Reform Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness made it very clear that dietary supplements should be part of a healthy lifestyle. Since consumers have been getting mixed messages from the media about dietary supplements, members of the nutrition industry are concerned that people may hesitate to heed this advice.

“The vast majority of dietary supplement manufacturers, who are regulated by both FDA and FTC, want consumers not only to have access to safe and beneficial products, but also to positively impact their health by taking those supplements.” Richard said.

Member companies of trade associations, such as the National Nutrition Foods Association (NNFA) and the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) work to follow quality standards beyond those required. In fact, many are certified as following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), the best benchmark of quality, even though the FDA has not yet made it mandatory.

“Because of our commitment to making the highest quality dietary supplements possible we became GMP certified under the NNFA program in 2000,” stated Michael Lelah, PhD, NOW Technical Director. “Our company mission is to make quality supplements available to everyone who needs them.”

Reputable health food stores are the best source of information and quality products. More information can be found from the following resources:

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