Nutritional Products Company VitaCube Systems Requires Personal Care Provider Resellers to Follow Ethical Conduct Guidelines

DENVER, Aug. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- With increasing numbers of trainers and personal care providers hoping to sell high-end nutritional products from VitaCube Systems, Inc., the company announced that it will require all resellers to follow ethical guidelines for marketing and communicating accurate information to consumers.

Mike Shanahan, a VitaCube board director who is Executive Vice President of Football Operations and Head Coach of the Denver Broncos said: "VitaCube is raising the bar in the nutritional supplements industry first by selling only safe products manufactured to pharmaceutical standards, and now by insisting that anyone selling the product also act accordingly. VitaCube is committed to doing what is in the best health interests of its customers, and that's why the company has generated so much loyalty among professional athletes and trainers in such a short time."

After using VitaCube products personally for two years, Mr. Shanahan became an equity owner, board director and special advisor to the company earlier in July.

Founded in response to growing concerns about nutritional supplements industry practices, VitaCube is unique because it manufactures its products to meet strict pharmaceutical standards and refuses to market or incorporate potentially harmful substances such as creatine, ephedra, ma huang or any other stimulants into its formulations. Last year the NFL cited increasing evidence of health risks when it banned players from using ephedra, a popular herbal supplement contained in some 200 products used for weight loss, building muscle or boosting energy.

VitaCube's Code of Conduct and Product Integrity follows many of the position statements and guidelines outlined by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and other industry groups. The code requires VitaCube resellers to:

  1. Agree to not market, sell or make referrals promoting illegal substances or the illegitimate use of controlled substances including anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS).
  2. Disclose that VitaCube products do not contain stimulants or other potentially harmful ingredients including creatine, ephedra, Ma Haung and other substances, even though those substances are provided and termed "safe" by other companies and manufacturers.
  3. Agree to be truthful when stating their own education, training and experience in addition to the qualities, benefits and positive attributes of VitaCube products.
  4. Be appropriately trained on nutritional products, the VitaCube system and be committed to staying current on new information and developments.
  5. Agree to strongly encourage customers to use nutritional supplements in conjunction with regular health checks, appropriate exercise and medical supervision.
  6. Agree to communicate all quality, information and customer issues to VitaCube so they may be responded to immediately.
  7. Agree to not discriminate in any way against any gender, race, religion or lifestyle in providing information and support on behalf of VitaCube.

VitaCube launched the national expansion of its VitaCube Personal Care Provider reseller program last month, giving health clubs and fitness services professionals in all industries the ability to market the company's exclusive product lines with minimum financial investment and no long-term contractual commitment. VitaCube products are not sold in grocery and mass-market retail stores.

The company's commitment to product integrity and the health needs of its customers has earned VitaCube Systems a loyal following of world class athletes that includes:

-- World Series MVP Curt Schilling
-- Denver Broncos All-Pro quarterback Brian Griese
-- Colorado Rockies National League MVP Larry Walker
-- Green Bay Packers Super Bowl champion strength coach Barry Rubin
-- 2002 Olympic snowboard bronze medallist J.J. Thomas
-- Los Angeles Dodgers home run leader Eric Karros

Steve Hess, Strength and Conditioning coach for the Denver Nuggets said: "It is commendable how VitaCube has told health and fitness services providers that it respects the integrity of our profession while giving us an exclusive product line to add value to our client relationships. They've got the best product on the market because they don't cut corners on quality, they provide absolutely accurate information, and they make it very easy for us to incorporate their products into our individual style and client needs."

VitaCube also supports its personal care provider partners with a dedicated, comprehensive program that includes scientific information and data, nutrition and product training, marketing assistance and dedicated account service.

For more information on VitaCube Systems, its comprehensive line of nutritional products or its Personal Care Provider reseller program, please visit or call 1-800-313-2234.

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