NXT Nutritionals retains PR firm TransMedia Group

NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. has retained TransMedia Group to help promote their innovative brand.

NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. ("NXT Nutritionals") (NXTH 0.25, -0.01, -3.47%), developer and marketer of the healthy, great tasting SUSTA(TM) Natural Sweetener and Healthy Dairy(R) Yogurt Smoothies, has retained TransMedia Group to help promote their innovative brand.

SUSTA(TM) sweetener contains a proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients, which enables it to taste great while providing many health benefits. Each packet contains 1 gram of fiber, vitamins and nutrients, and 100 million active units of body-ready probiotics.

SUSTA(TM) is the only sweetener endorsed by Dr. James R. Gavin III, former President of the American Diabetes Association and a member of the Company's Medical Advisory Board. The sweetener's low glycemic index is an optimal choice for those looking for a sweet boost minus the negative side effects caused by higher GI products.

In addition to the sweetener, which is available in 50 packet boxes and SUSTA Bowl for baking, NXT Nutritionals has developed a line of SUSTA(TM) based yogurt snacks- Healthy Dairy(R) Yogurt Smoothies and Cups.

The yogurt snacks and sweetener were recently approved by the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force as part of the military's effort to provide servicemen with healthier dining options, and will become a part of the military's 'core menu.'

"Our publicity will showcase NXT Nutritionals (www.nxtnutritionals.com) as a trailblazer in the health industry, and introduce SUSTA(TM) ato a whole new audience," says Allison McCormick, PR Manager at TransMedia. "Their unique product line appeals to the millions of consumers who are searching for an alternative to the unhealthy and unpleasant-tasting sweeteners currently on the market."

SUSTA(TM) is available nationwide in over 3,800 large retailers including A & P Fresh, Albertson's Stores, Food Lion, Kroger, ShopRite and online at www.sustastore.com.

"We believe that TransMedia is the perfect addition to our team in representing our brand based on their success in helping to make Rexall Sundown the number one vitamin supplement company in the world," says Michael McCarthy, President and CEO of NXT Nutritionals.

SUSTA(TM) does not contain wheat, soy, alcohol, yeast, caffeine, egg, dairy, or lactose, and is cholesterol and gluten-free.

All of the ingredients in SUSTA(TM) have GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) Certification or comparable from the FDA.

For additional information contact Allison McCormick (561) 750-9800 x227 or [email protected]

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