ONE Bio launches new polyphenol extract

ONE Bio, Corp.develops and launches a new herbal extract based on polyphenols antioxidants.

ONE Bio, Corp. ("ONE" or the "Company") (ONBI 7.00, 0.00, 0.00%) , an innovative company utilizing green process manufacturing to produce raw chemicals and herbal extracts, natural and health supplements and organic products, announces the development and launch of a new herbal extract based on polyphenols antioxidants (found in Green Tea).

Raw extracts from polyphenols can be used in a number of neutraceutical and health products as it's believed to be beneficial in the treatment of headaches, body ache, poor digestion, helpful in weight loss programs and improve well-being and life expectancy. Raw extracts from polyphenols are also believed to be helpful in the treatment of acne.

In addition to selling the raw extract derived from polyphenols to distributors and manufacturers in China and abroad, the Company intends to launch its own Green Tea product incorporating the health benefits derived from the polyphenols extracts.

MindBranch, a leading provider of industry and investment research, stated in a 2008 report that heightened awareness about the importance of polyphenols and their role in cancer therapy are boosting the demand for green tea extract ingredients in the food application, fortification and supplements industry. Mounting scientific support about the positive effect of polyphenols (green teas extracts) on diseases such as hypertension and cancer has boosted the demand for such ingredient.* Meanwhile a report by Global Industry Analysts published in 2010 expects the green tea extract market (with Polyphenols) to exceed 1.2 million tons in demand by 2015 with the current market size being $5-6 billion USD.**

"Since our prelaunch in October, sales have reached $1 million USD from polyphenols extracts. We've experienced increased demand for this extract as it can be used in a variety of applications," stated ONE's CEO Marius Silvasan. "We are committed in supplying health related products that contribute to the well-being of our valued consumers and our new polyphenols extract does just that," added Silvasan.

*Source: - 2008 **Source: Global Industry Analysts - Feb 2010

About ONE Bio, Corp.

ONE Bio, Corp. ("ONE")  (ONBI 7.00, 0.00, 0.00%) ( headquartered in Miami, FL, is an innovative company utilizing patented green process manufacturing to produce raw chemicals and herbal extracts, natural supplements and organic products. ONE is focused on the Asia Pacific region. Key products include widely recognized Solanesol, CoQ10, Resveratrol and 5-HTP, organic fertilizers, and organic bamboo health food and beverages. ONE has experienced solid organic growth driven by a robust demand for its products in China, Japan and the United States.

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