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Part 7: Products & Services (June 2005)

Companies in the News: Jarrow Formulas’, Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., Trace Minerals Research, Organix-South, Inc., TUFF GUYZ Corporation, Sans Sucre, J.R. Carlson Laboratories, FungusAmongUs(TM), Universal Food & Beverage Company, Nuskin Enterprises, Pharmanex, Taiyo Kagaku, Humanetics Corporation, AST Sports Science, House of Brussels Chocolates, Yoplait, Glanbia Nutritionals, Chrysantis(TM), Inc., Ball Horticultural Company, Nestle SA, Coca Cola, Zeria Pharmaceutical, Response Scientific, Inc., Tharos Laboratories, Inc., Nature’s Sources, LLC, Nutraceutix, General Nutrition Centers, Inc., Saratoga Supplements, The Solae Company, Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Healthy Directions, LLC.

[6/30/2005] Taiwanese Researchers Produce Multicoloured Rice
According to an AP article on, the Hualien Agricultural Improvement Station in eastern Taiwan is producing multi-colored rice to make the product more appealing, especially for children. According to the article, the colors will be provided by nutritional ingredients such as yellow (from curcumin), green (from bitter gourd), pink (from tomato) and purple (from a mixture of vegetables) and will be on Taiwanese store shelves by the middle of next year.
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[6/29/2005] Introducing Carnitall(TM)
US-based supplement company Jarrow Formulas’ has announced the introduction of CarnitALL(TM), a full-spectrum carnitine combination comprised of L-Carnitine Fumarate, Ester Carnitine™ (GPLC: Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine), ALCA™ (Acetyl-L-Carnitine Arginate) and Acetyl-L-Carnitine Taurinate.
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[6/29/2005] Incromega TG – Raising the Bar on Quality
Canada-based Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. has announced the availability of Incromega TG, an ultra high purity EPA & DHA omega-3 lipid concentrates, with 90% lower PCBs than industry wide CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) standards of 0.09 ppm. According to the company, the purity is due to fish sources from unpolluted waters, the use of smaller fish containing lower levels of environmental contaminants and state-of-the-art proprietary purification process, from Croda Healthcare.
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[6/29/2005] TMR Introduces Liquid CoQ10
US-based supplement company Trace Minerals Research has announced the introduction of Liquid CoQ10 to the company's Liquimins(TM) line of liquid supplements. The formulation includes 50 mg of Coenzyme Q10, 100 mg of Selenium and Trace Mineral Research’s product, ConcenTrace®, a proprietary complex of over 72 ionic trace minerals and elements harvested from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.
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[6/28/2005] TheraVeda Herbal Extracts from Organix-South Offer Unique Supercritical Whole Herb Technology
US-based Organix-South, Inc. has announced the introduction of its TheraVeda line of herbal extracts. According to the company, the 12 Ayurvedic-based formulas are prepared by taking supercritical extracts, combining them with the water soluble post supercritical extract and then synergistically combining back the whole herb in a vegetarian capsule.
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[6/28/2005] Tuff Guyz Corporation Launches New Sports Drink
US-based TUFF GUYZ Corporation has announced the launch of a line of vitamin fortified isotonic beverages called TUFF GUYZ(TM) Sports Drink. According to the company, an 8-ounce serving of the products include 25% of the US RDA of Vitamins B12, B6, B5, B3 and E.
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[6/27/2005] Introducing Good Stuff Peanut Butter for Health and Weight Conscious Consumers
Canada-based Sans Sucre has announced the introduction of "GOOD STUFF" a dark roast peanut butter containing about 35 calories and one gram fat per tablespoon.
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[6/27/2005] J. R. Carlson Laboratories To Introduce Right for(TM) Cholesterol At NNFA Show
US-based supplement company J.R. Carlson Laboratories has announced that it will launch Right for(TM) Cholesterol, a product containing 850 mg of three plant sterols per serving size.
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[6/24/2005] FungusAmongUs(TM) Offers Ingredient Mushrooms
US-based FungusAmongUs(TM) has announced an expansion of the company's line of mushroom products to include naturally grown Morels and Chantrelles and Certified Organic Shiitake, Maitake, Oyster, Portobello, Crimini, Porcini as a response to increasing demand for 'exotic' varieties.
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[6/24/2005] Universal Food and Beverage Launching Healthful Drink Line
US-based Universal Food & Beverage Company (UFBV) has announced plans to release a new line (Frost2O(tm)) of healthful drinks to complement its flavored water selection, no calorie, sugar-free, vitamin enhanced and naturally flavored alternative which will be available in Peach, Lemon Lime, Mixed Berry and Tropical Fruits flavors.
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[6/24/2005] J.R. Carlson Laboratories introduces Right for(TM) Menopause
US-based supplement company J.R. Carlson Laboratories has introduced Right for(TM) Menopause a product providing Black Cohosh, concentrated soy isoflavones, vitamin E and vitamin B-6.
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[6/23/2005] Nu Skin Enterprises Launches Individualized Online Supplement Recommendation Guide
US-based direct selling supplement company Nuskin Enterprises has announced the introduction of the Pharmanex Product Regimen Optimizer, a Web-based tool that is intended to provide customers the ability to develop their own optimal Pharmanex supplement regimen. According to the company, the tool asks Web site visitors a series of questions related to their personal health goals, lifestyle habits and supplement-taking preferences and the provides personalized recommendations.
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[6/22/2005] Taiyo Updates its Sunphenon® Line of Green Tea Extracts
Ingredient company Taiyo Kagaku Japan has added a new green tea base and green tea beverage to its Sunphenon® line of green tea extracts and has introduced standardized natural green tea caffeine extracts available in both 20% and 40% caffeine.
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[6/22/2005] Humanetics Corporation’s 7-Keto(TM) is Key Ingredient in New Product Line from Life Extension
US-based ingredient company Humanetics Corporation has announced that the company's 7-Keto(TM) branded ingredient has been incorporated into three new products launched by US-based supplement company Life Extension.
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[6/17/2005] AST Sports Science Launches MHC 750(TM)
US-based sports nutrition products company AST Sports Science has announced the introduction of its MHC 750(TM) (Myosin Heavy Chain) product intended to stimulate muscle synthesis and prevent muscles from breaking down during intense exercise.
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[6/14/2005] House of Brussels Launches First Complete ChocoMed Product Line
US-based House of Brussels Chocolates (HBSL) has announced the launch of its new 24/7 line of nutritional and energy bars which will be offered through the company's subsidiary ChocoMed Inc.
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[6/13/2005] Yoplait Ireland Introduces Calcium-Enriched Yogurt
According to an article on, dairy company Yoplait Ireland has introduced a calcium enriched range of the company's Petits Filous brand in that country, including a drinking yogurt which contains TruCal, a natural milk mineral complex from Ireland-based Glanbia Nutritionals.
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[6/13/2005] Chrysantis(TM) Announces Zeaxanthin Brand Name: EZ Eyes(TM)
US-based zeanxanthin company Chrysantis(TM), Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Ball Horticultural Company, has announced a new brand name for the company's natural zeaxanthin products - EZ Eyes(TM).
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[6/13/2005] Nestle's German Operation Discontinues Nutrel Brand
According to an AFX article citing the magazine Der Spiegel, Switzerland-based Nestle SA's German operation has discontinued the newly introduced Nutrel brand of muesli bars, energy bars and nutritional drinks due to weak demand.
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[6/10/2005] Coca-Cola Launches Green Tea in Thailand
According to an article on, Coca Cola has launched ShiZen green tea in Thailand in two versions, ShiZen Plus with honey and lemongrass, as well as a jasmine flavor with chrysanthemum.
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[6/10/2005] Japan: Zeria Pharmaceutical To Launch New Health Drink
According to an article on Japan's corporate News Network, Zeria Pharmaceutical (TSE: 4559) has announced that it will begin marketing a new health drink, Chondrobi Concentrated Solution Jyunkou, containing chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine and collagen peptide, on July 1 through pharmacies and drug stores.
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[6/10/2005] Response Scientific Introduces Patented Antioxidant Supplement
US-based supplement company Response Scientific, Inc., has announced the launch of InResponse(R), a patented antioxidant supplement targeted at promoting healthy blood glucose levels and support insulin function. According to the company, the product is supported by two clinical trials showing the product to support blood glucose metabolism and promote healthy HbA1c (Glycated Hemoglobin) levels.
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[6/3/2005] Tharos Laboratories, Inc. Partners with Nature’s Sources, LLC to Expand Sales of NYTEX™ Sleep Supplement
US-based ingredient company Tharos Laboratories, Inc. has announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with supplement company Nature’s Sources, LLC, for distribution of Tharos' NYTEX(TM) sleep supplement which contains a fruit-based ingredient, PROCIDIn(TM).
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[6/3/2005] Nutraceutix Expertise and Technology Strengthens GNC's Line of Probiotic Supplements
US-based probiotic company Nutraceutix has announced that supplement retailer General Nutrition Centers, Inc. (GNC) has reformulated its line of Natural Brand(TM) acidophilus products to take advantage of Nutraceutix probiotic production expertise and advanced delivery technologies. According to the company, Nutraceutix's patent-pending BIO-tract® gastric acid bypass technology features prominently in a number of GNC's probiotic Natural Brand(TM) products, taking advantage of the patented Live-Bac® manufacturing process that extends shelf-life for probiotic tablets.
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[6/2/2005] Saratoga Supplements Announces First Retail Launch
US-based supplement company Saratoga Supplements has announced the introduction of the company's high-potency oligomeric proanthocyanidin supplement, a full-spectrum potencies of high-OPC sources, such as pine bark, grape seed extract and red wine extract, into retail stores.
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[6/1/2005] Yoplait & The Solae Company Launch Bioplait
US-based yogurt company Yoplait and US-based soy protein company The Solae Company have announced the launch of Yoplait Solae(R) co-branded product containing Solae(R) brand soy protein and Yoplait fermented dairy product expertise. According to the release, the product is being launched in France in three flavors (original, strawberry, and peach) into the grocery channel.
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[6/1/2005] Unigen Pharmaceuticals Partners with Healthy Directions on Natural Joint Health Product
US-based ingredient company Unigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced a partnership with publisher and supplement company Healthy Directions, LLC to produce Joint & Muscle Comfort® PLUS containing Univestin®, with the new product to be marketed under the Dr. Whitaker name as part of his Forward Nutrition product line.
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