Pharm East Awarded Use Patent for Tibet-Seng™ Rhodiola Crenulata Product

ROCKVILLE, MD (June 19, 2002) – Pharm East Inc., developer and provider of proprietary nutritional technologies, has announced that it has been awarded a patent for Tibet-Seng™, the brand name for Rhodiola crenulata, United States Patent 6,399,116. Rhodiola crenulata, a Tibetan herb, has been found to provide benefits such as enhanced blood oxygen levels to enhance endurance, memory and concentration, cardiovascular health, provide antioxidant effects, modulate testosterone and estradiol levels as well as enhance sexual function.

A double blind, placebo-controlled and randomized human study conducted at Xi’an Medical School in Xi’an, China, demonstrated Tibet-Seng’s benefits for human health. Specifically, Tibet-Seng was shown to enhance oxygenation of the blood, and help decrease blood viscosity by approximately 16 percent compared with a 7.8 percent decrease for the control group. Currently, the University of Indiana is conducting a human clinical study on the blood oxygenation and performance enhancing effect of Tibet-Seng.

“This patent not only reinforces the tangible health benefits of Tibet-Seng Rhodiola Crenulata but also speaks to the commitment of Pharm East to support research-based supplements,” states Rulin Xiu, Ph.D., CEO/President of Pharm East. “The patent backing Tibet-Seng ensures that our manufacturing and licensing partners receive only the safest and most efficacious supplement that they, in turn, can pass onto their consumers. Pharm East will continue to pursue patent protection of our distinct nutritional supplement products.”

For more information on Tibet-Seng, as well as the complete line of Pharm East products and services, call 888.275.3570, or visit

Pharm East Inc., based in Rockville, MD, is a leading developer and provider of unique nutritional technologies for the dietary supplement industry worldwide. Since 1996, Pharm East Inc. has been offering patented, proprietary formulations, as well as custom formulations. In addition, the company supports clinical research to substantiate its products’ health advantages. Pharm East provides quality control at every level of sourcing and processing for the most efficacious nutritional products.

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