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Phillips Health, LLC Announces Company Name Change to Healthy Directions, LLC

POTOMAC, Md., Apr 04, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Phillips Health, LLC, a leading newsletter publisher and provider of physician-branded nutritional supplements, announces a company name change to Healthy Directions, LLC, effective immediately.

The name change follows the August 31, 2004, acquisition of a majority of the assets of Phillips Health, LLC by ACI Capital Co, LLC., and American Securities Capital Partners, LLC, both New York-based private equity investment firms, in partnership with the company's existing management.

According to Healthy Directions CEO Kevin Donoghue, "The change to Healthy Directions clearly reflects the company's focus on leading consumers towards healthy choices in their lives. As we expand our product offerings in the areas of health and wellness in the future, our new name will convey our mission to help our customers continually proceed in healthy directions."

"What will remain unchanged is the legacy of expert advice and specific, goal-oriented products synonymous with the Phillips Health brands," said Donoghue.

Healthy Directions is the recognized leader in providing authoritative health and wellness solutions to consumers. The company publishes and markets branded newsletter and product offerings with such leaders as Julian Whitaker, M.D.; Dr. David Williams; Steve Sinatra, M.D.; Susan Lark, M.D.; Marcus Laux, N.D.; nutritionist Patrick Holford; and simple living expert Janet Luhrs.

In addition to producing online resources and publishing newsletters, Healthy Directions' subsidiary, Doctors' Preferred, LLC, is a leading vitamin and nutritional supplement business that develops and sells proprietary, branded nutritional supplements based upon the research of the Healthy Directions health experts, marketed primarily through direct mail.

For more information on Healthy Directions, please visit

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