Powerhouse Nutrition Launches New Nutritional Line

Powerhouse Nutrition announces the launch of its new nutritional line with full endorsement by Powerhouse Gyms International.

After an exhausting search to find the perfect nutritional products, the company decided to do it themselves, using dedication and attention to detail. Every detail in the fitness industry is extremely important, and Powerhouse has spent over 30 years committed to ensuring quality and customer service to its members. That same heart and determination has been put into Powerhouse product....it would not have the Powerhouse stamp without it.

"We spent countless time and money in research, procurement, development, and distribution to make sure the consumer is getting the best quality product for the lowest price. The flagship line includes a meal replacement, multi vitamin, fat burner, whey protein, and a creatine transport. We use only the highest quality proteins from Land O Lakes and Glanbia, and European flavorings to ensure that the products not only work, they taste great also," exclaims David Halabu, President of Powerhouse Nutrition..

Check out WWW.Powerhouse-Nutrition.COM to see more about the ingredients, guarantees, the cutting edge labels and suggested retail pricing.

We dare to compare our products to any brand nationally in taste, quality and price. We have nothing to hide!

Powerhouse Gyms International is based in Farmington Hills Michigan. It has over 1.2 million members nationwide. There are now 240 facilities in 36 states and 6 countries bearing the Powerhouse Gym Trademark and more on their way. Established in 1974, Powerhouse has built its reputation on dedication, quality, and service and the fully endorsed Nutritional line will do the same.

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