Primex nabs Icelandic Innovation Award

Primex nabs Icelandic Innovation Award

Chitosan manufacturer scores honor for its successful, research-backed products.

Primex would like to announce that the company has been awarded The Icelandic Innovation Award for 2012. This award is given by The Icelandic Centre for Research-Rannis, Promote Iceland, Innovation Center Iceland and The New Business Venture Fund to a company that has surpassed all others in development of a product or a service that is based on science and research and has been successful in the marketplace.

Special attention is on young innovative companies whose business model is based on creative technique and ideas with great demand on science and knowledge. Also that the company is viable and the management of innovation is considered exemplary and offers an example for other companies to follow.

Primex EHF is the manufacturer of very high-quality Chitosan , which is manufactured from shrimp shell. The shrimp is harvested out of the North Atlantic Ocean, near the Arctic Circle making it a very pure and clean material. Primex also offers sustainability in that they are manufacturing waste material and making the Chitosan.

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