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Recent Study Shows bioavailability of Acatris' SoyLife® Authorized Soy Germ Isoflavone Ingredient in Functional Foods

Minneapolis – A study published this month showed the bioavailability of SoyLife®, an authorized soy germ isoflavone ingredient, in various food models including juice, chocolate bars and cookies. Until recently, there has been little information as to whether the profile following digestion of soy isoflavones is influenced by the food matrix and the food vehicles that incorporate them. Acatris, one of the sole, sanctioned distributors of the most efficient soy isoflavones for women’s health has continued to focus on research to keep consumers and customers educated on the safety and efficacy of soy isoflavones. SoyLife® is the most scientifically studied and supported soy isoflavone currently available.

This study, published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, has shown that if soy isoflavones are to be effective in preventing or treating a range of diseases, they must be bioavailable. Understanding factors that alter their bioavailability, such as food types, is essential. “This study confirms that SoyLife® is bioavailable, and further lends to our understanding of the metabolism of soy isoflavones and how they may best be delivered in functional foods,” reported Jocelyn Mathern, RD, technical advisor for Acatris.

Acatris also is partnering with a ground-breaking, upcoming study being conducted at Baylor College of Medicine by providing their SoyLife® isoflavones in the prevention of osteoporosis. “Preliminary studies have indicated that SoyLife® can help maintain bone health and reduce the symptoms of menopause,” stated Mathern. The primary goal of the $4.5 million project named Osteoporosis Prevention Using Soy (OPUS) is to determine whether isoflavones are efficient, whether they are safe over the long term and optimal dosage. The secondary goal is to communicate the study findings in easily understandable terms to both healthcare providers and consumers. For more information on this study or regular updates, please visit

In 2005 SoyLife® marked its 10th anniversary. SoyLife® continues to have numerous health benefits, particularly women’s health and bone health, as well as heart health, prostate health, and cognitive function. SoyLife® is a range of ingredients from soy germ, rich in isoflavones. More than just an isoflavone concentrate, SoyLife® offers the complete spectrum of natural soy compounds, the Soy Matrix™, which enhances the bio-availability of isoflavones. This makes SoyLife® the most concentrated way of adding the natural profile of soy-bioactives to food. SoyLife® is used worldwide in dietary supplements, food, feed, beverages and cosmetics. Acatris continues to be committed to the long-term success of soy germ isoflavones as demonstrated by the more than 30 clinical studies sponsored with SoyLife®.

“Acatris, through its brand SoyLife® and recent licensing agreement with Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) on the sale and marketing of soy germ isoflavones, is now authorized as the superior supplier of soy germ based isoflavone supplementation ingredients,” said Laurent Leduc, President North American Health Division, Acatris. This agreement gives Acatris and its customers access to soy germ isoflavone patent rights required to market and sell supplements carrying certain women’s health claims. Acatris works with customers to sublicense the patents on soy germ isoflavone use and health claims.

Acatris recently exhibited at the 2006 Natural Products Expo West Trade Show in Anaheim, California and presented an educational seminar on the new generation of flax lignan products that are emerging in the marketplace. “Acatris is working on further collaboration with ADM on intellectual properties that will allow us to continue our leadership role in flax lignan supplementation through LinumLife® EXTRA, the first standardized flax lignan extract,” reported Leduc.

Acatris continues to be an innovative leader and supporter in the science behind soy isoflavones, as well as in flax lignans, providing customers and consumers with proprietary science and studies on these ingredients to ensure their safety and efficacy. Acatris’ SoyLife® is the superior and scientifically sound source of soy germ isoflavones.

Acatris, division of the Dutch Royal Schouten Group, is an international organization that produces, markets and distributes ingredients for the food, health and nutrition industry. Acatris has its head office in Londerzeel (Belgium) and offices in The Netherlands, Poland, UK and USA. The product portfolio contains branded ingredients such as SoyLife®, FenuLife® and LinumLife®.

Laurent Leduc, President
North American Health Division
Acatris Inc.
[email protected]

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